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Transform the travel customer experience

Increase conversion rates with our range of data solutions that improve the user experience and capture accurate customer data at point of entry.

Speed up booking process
Speed up booking process

Our technology provides a faster and easier way to capture and verify customers’ contact details so they spend less time on the booking page.  

Reduce bouncebacks
Reduce bouncebacks

With the correct data, your promotional messages will reach the right audience, opening the door for increased revenue opportunities.  

One at a time, or all together
One at a time, or all together

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing communications by validating your customer’s details at the point of entry, or all at once with a batch cleanse. 

Build lasting relationships
Build lasting relationships

Our solutions give you a single customer view, helping you foster long and profitable relationships, reduce mailing waste and improve ROI. 

Loqate helps hundreds of Travel and Hospitality companies onboard customers 10x faster  

"We implemented address verification from Loqate across three of our hotel brands websites and found it significantly benefited our conversion rates."
Yassamine MatherSenior Systems Analyst
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Accurate data for every guest, every time

Our type-ahead hospitality address capture technology improves data quality from the moment it’s entered, removing friction at check-in so your guests can get to enjoying their stay. Your team and guests will both appreciate the speed at check in as a result of reducing keystrokes by 78%. 

  • Optimize your check-in
  • Maximize data quality
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Reach guests during their stay and beyond


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Retain your guests through the busy season & beyond 

with accurate address data 


Directly improve customer loyalty and retention with Loqate. With the addition of phone and email verification, enjoy peace of mind that you can reach your guests no matter where in the world they are. Our technology provides a faster and easier way to capture, verify and validate customers’ contact details at booking and check-in. 


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Don't let incorrect or missing customer data impact your business.


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