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Improve Transaction Experience

Integrate Loqate’s address capture and verification APIs with your fraud, identity, or payments solutions to effectively manage address data globally and at scale - while delivering unparalleled transactional customer experience.

Improve data integrity
Improve data integrity

Our solutions help you onboard customers quickly, build lasting customer relationships, and protect brand reputation with standardized, formatted, and enriched address data.

Build a single customer view
Build a single customer view

With tech that helps create a single, accurate record for each customer, you can gain insights that enable you to expand, optimize and customize your offerings.

Protect and prevent
Protect and prevent

Power your AI and ML algorithms with our address data to protect your customer’s money, and identify changing user patterns to prevent fraud and security threats

Stay compliant
Stay compliant

Protect your business from fines by capturing data that keeps you confidently compliant with Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Loqate helps thousands of Fintech companies power their business decisions 

"We’ve saved time and money due to data quality improvements from Loqate."
Bill DoaneProject Manager
Dow JonesRead more
"Loqate has helped us harmonize the way that we operate with global carriers. At the end of the day, the addresses that we capture at the checkout must be accurate to ensure that every parcel is safely delivered"
Shahar TamariCo-founder and COO
Global-eRead more
"By using Loqate we can verify any incorrect data and have one golden record for each customer. It saves us from creating inaccurate contacts, helps reduce duplicates in the system, and just helps us keep a cleaner picture of the world and our customers."
Moninder Manic
YamahaRead more
"The installation was so fast and the usability of the Loqate addressing tool is second to none. Anyone looking to improve UX and address data quality should look to Loqate."
Mark DurrandCTO
 TotallyMoneyRead more
"Loqate has greatly met our needs in relation to capturing customers addresses, the ease of implementation along with the cost."
Patrick HennessyManager for IT Digital Personalization & Optimization
JetBlueRead more

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