March 2023 data update




+1.5 million new premise level data points added.


1% Uplift in US Data


Reach an extra 2.6 million Customers.

What opportunity does this offer you?

The recent refresh of our US data is a great opportunity for businesses to grow their customer base by approximately 2.6 million people. With Food & Personal Care being the largest ecommerce market in the US, Loqate data experts add the secret sauce helping business take advantage of this rapidly growing market, delivering piping hot results straight to your door!    




0.78%  uplift in UK Address Data.


Now up to 75k building names within the data.


Reach an additional half million potential customers.


What opportunity does this offer you?

UK shoppers are renowned for their love of fashion, with the average UK resident spending £422 on clothes each year it’s no wonder that fashion is the fastest-growing ecommerce market in the UK.

To support this growing market and others, our most recent UK data refresh has improved the accuracy of UK addresses by 1%, equating to an additional 204,000 addresses being verified and added. This means that businesses now have the potential to reach an extra half million consumers. The data uplift presents the opportunity for retailers to better target their customers, optimise their marketing strategies to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.


UAE - United Arab Emirates


16.7% increase in premise addresses. 


60k premise level addresses added.


Reach an extra 966k customers.

What opportunity does this offer you?

The UAE e-commerce market is experiencing considerable growth, with revenue forecasted to reach $13.78bn by end of 2023. This growth is due to the upward trend in technology adoption and internet penetration in the region, which is making online shopping more accessible. Our latest UAE data refresh has improved the data coverage by 9.6%. This massive uplift in data quality presents users the opportunity to deliver goods to an extra 60,000 households which equates to nearly an additional 1 million customers. A step change in customer-base size for many businesses. 

How we ensure we have the best country premise level data possible

The top 45 countries have ongoing refresh cycles

Our top 10 country data is refreshed every 6 weeks:

UK (GB, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey), Germany, Canada, USA, Ireland and Australia.

What does this mean for you? 

Improved conversion rates

Improved first-time delivery stats

Higher quality data entering your systems by capturing a correct and formatted address

Keep up with ever-changing premise and building global data

Better customer experience and satisfaction through reduction in manual address entry