The top 5 extensions for your Magento store

Improving conversions

Page loading time is one of the biggest factors contributing to cart abandonment, which could have devastating effects on your conversion rates. Studies show that a one second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversion.

OneStepCheckout ensures you reduce the number of pages that need to load, increasing performance speed and reducing the risk of losing a customer. It also enables a smoother, more enjoyable online store experience.

Personalising the experience

If your customer has selected an item and is ready to move to the checkout, congrats! But what if you could encourage them to make a few further purchases before they move to payment?

Nosto‘s Magento extension enables retailers to position items on the cart page, based on the customer’s personal taste, giving them the option to make impulse purchases without having to specifically search for the item. This maximises your potential to increase AOV and makes for a great personalised experience for the shopper.

Optimising the checkout

As an online customer, there’s nothing worse than a never-ending checkout process, especially when you’re time-strapped. Many retailers now understand the benefits of reducing friction in this step so as to increase conversions and avoid cart abandonment. After all, almost a third of shoppers will abandon if the checkout process is too long or cumbersome.

Loqate’s address verification tool works seamlessly in Magento stores to provide a quicker, easier user experience, while ensuring that the address data you capture in the checkout is clean and accurate.

Calculating tax

Tax can be a major worry for many online retailers. Issues such as changing rates can leave many in the dark, and can be particularly tricky when you consider the different tax calculations across different states.

TaxJar takes the stress out of tax calculations, allowing Magento merchants to concentrate on what they do best. This extension updates your tax rates each month and configures Magento stores to collect sales tax where retailers have nexus, and also handles product exemptions.

Live Chat

Shopping online can be a real challenge if you have a question. Sure, there may be FAQs on the site, but what if these don’t answer your question. For the retailer, this could result in customers abandoning their site.

However, live chat extensions work really well at dealing with this type of issue. Olark‘s live chat makes it much easier for online shoppers to ask questions and allows Magento merchants to respond in real-time. This leads to satisfied consumers who are more likely to make a purchase.