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Accurately capture customer data and alleviate checkout friction with Loqate's Address Verification solutions.  


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The process of turning a visitor into a paying customer depends on how user-friendly their purchase journey is. 

We handpicked the following 8 customer sites to illustrate specific ways we can help you create a seamless checkout experience that your customers will love.



ASOS implements a single-line, type-ahead address verification solution across their checkout pages to boost mobile conversions and create a customer-focused experience that meets the needs of their millennial customer base. The single line layout simplifies an address form down to just one field, and added contextual advice "educates" the user, prompting them to "keep typing their address to display more results."




Sephora utilizes Loqate's type-ahead Address Verification solution in their online & mobile checkouts for a faster, more user-friendly experience. Our unique "fuzzy matching" capability means misspellings are corrected, abbreviations are completed and missing information is filled in. Even if a customer accidentally hits the wrong key during a mobile checkout, our search tool can still understand what they meant to type.




As mCommerce continues to rise, shoppers have become less tolerant of clunky mobile experiences. Kohl’s uses Loqate's type-ahead address verification in their app to create a high-performing mobile experiencereducing the number of keystrokes by 78%.



Sonos leverages Loqate's single-line, type-ahead address verification in their checkout pages domestically & internationally. In as little as 5 keystrokes, Our global IP biasing shows customers the most relevant address auto-fill suggestions by detecting which country they're in and finding the nearest matching addresses first.


Garden of Life

Garden of Life, a subsidiary of Nestle, wanted to ensure they were collecting valid customer addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers to ensure their valued customers received their vitamins on time, every time.



Athletic Greens

Popular wellness brand Athletic Greens uses both Capture and Verify to reduce friction in their checkout & ensure they're collecting verified, deliverable addresses at the point of entry.





Wish's e-commerce platform facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers globally. Wish uses Loqate's Verify product on the back end, prompting the user to re-enter their address when incorrect in order to reduce failed deliveries.


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