Top Petcare Company Reduces Manual Corrections By Half With Loqate

Allivet, a prominent online pet pharmacy, offers prescription pet medications and health products directly to consumers. At the core of Allivet’s business they are a pharmacy; Ensuring they can deliver the best possible service for their customers is the primary role of the operations team.

Loqate has really helped us ensure that we can get the correct address to ship the medications needed, without any additional delays after the order is placed

John Navas, Allivet Chief Operating Officer

Before Loqate: Before implementing Loqate's address verification solution, Allivet faced significant challenges. Manual address corrections were a major pain point, leading to delays and returned orders due to incorrect addresses. This manual workload was not only time-consuming but also hindered operational efficiency.

Allivet learned about Loqate through their engagement with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), who recommended the solution. After searching for a suitable address verification tool for a few years, they found Loqate's pre-built cartridge for SFCC appealing. The decision was influenced by the tool's compatibility with SFCC, user-friendly design, and its potential to significantly reduce manual address corrections.

With Loqate: With the integration of Loqate, Allivet experienced a notable shift in their address verification process. The company's COO expressed satisfaction with the initial results, highlighting that manual address corrections were reduced by half. This improvement not only streamlined operations but also contributed to a smoother customer experience.

Since adopting Loqate, manual address corrections, a primary concern for the company, were reduced by half. This reduction not only saved time but also enhanced order accuracy and customer satisfaction. Allivet's COO acknowledged that the tool aligned well with their goal of simplifying the checkout process for customers.

Conclusion: Loqate's address verification solution proved to be a game-changer for Allivet, an online pet pharmacy dedicated to providing excellent service to pet parents. By successfully reducing manual address corrections and enhancing operational efficiency, Allivet improved their customer experience and streamlined their operations. The partnership between Allivet and Loqate stands as a testament to the transformative impact of leveraging advanced address verification technology in enhancing business processes and customer satisfaction.

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