Leading BNPL firms see an average 23% match rate when using Loqate

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) companies are changing the fintech and eCommerce landscape. Known for their ease of use, low interest rates, and flexibility, BNPL organizations have captured the favor of millions of customers worldwide. But to stay agile and sustain growth, fintechs need to build a seamless and satisfying digital customer experience that meets both consumer needs and compliance demands. This starts with reliable data and robust data management practices that give you the confidence to make informed decisions.


When put to the test by a leading BNPL firm, Loqate provided, on average, a 23% increase in verified addresses against a competitor. 


Verifying more addresses than the competition 

Our global premise-level data helps customers confidently do business with consumers across the world. Unlike competitors who are reliant on postal data or street-level validation, Loqate enables the capture, verification and enrichment of addresses from 250 countries and territories, all without consumers having to type in their entire address.  

Our data for key markets is unmatched 

From an 8% boost in match rates in the US, 24% in Germany and 37% in Canada, Loqate is simply the best choice for businesses hoping to expand their reach across key markets. 

Match rates in high-growth regions are even more impressive 

Testing in emerging markets across Europe showed even greater results. Compared to other providers, our match rates are more than 25% better in places like Czech Republic and over 50% better in Poland. 

Loqate enables thousands of companies around the world to have greater confidence in their customers' data, this is achieved through having the most curated and comprehensive global premise-level address data in the market.  

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