Loqate helps Fanatics cut address errors and failed deliveries in half

  • Improve the quality of address data entering internal systems
  • Reduce failed and late deliveries
  • Deliver a fast and easy online checkout flow for global customers
  • Fanatics uses Loqate’s Capture API on their website and mobile app for faster entry of shipping addresses during checkout
  • Fanatics uses Loqate’s Verify API on their website to ensure only accurate, standardized addresses enter the system
Results achieved with Loqate
  • Reduced address entry errors and accelerated data input with Loqate’s Address Capture solution
  • Reduced address errors and failed deliveries by 50%

Improving Address Data Quality

Fanatics is creating the ultimate one-stop sports fan experience to ignite and harness the passions of fans, and maximize the presence and reach for more than 900 partners globally.

Fanatics is always looking to deliver the best possible experience for their customers but supplying a high volume of customers meant that consumer address data sometimes entered the system with typos, in multiple languages, and in different formats.

This lack of standardized and verified data decreased the quality of data in their systems, making it hard to match addresses to the right customer profile and ultimately causing downstream deliverability issues on the order management side.

Fanatics needed an address verification tool that would help validate customer address data during the checkout process and enhance their eCommerce order fulfillment processes.

They teamed up with Loqate, using their Verify solution, powered by official postal authority, mapping, geospatial data sources and more, to match input addresses against the reference data and quickly retrieve valid and complete addresses for their customers.


Reducing Failed Deliveries

Fanatics utilized Loqate’s Verify solution to parse, match, format and enhance their customer data for six months, but with new customer profiles entering their system daily, maintaining high-quality data became a challenge.

They once again turned to Loqate to address the underlying cause: data entry.

Loqate worked with Fanatics to help correct address errors at the point of address data entry using their Capture solution. Supported by type-ahead predictive technology, Loqate Capture decreases errors, corrects typos, and accelerates the checkout journey by helping shoppers find and match their address in as few as three keystrokes.

This allowed Fanatics to collect only the most accurate customer data, effectively leading to improved data quality and an overall reduction in failed deliveries.

We ship merchandise to thousands of customers every week. Loqate’s solution helps us create a seamless online order experience that is quick, easy, and gets deliveries to the right location.

- Sandeep Suresh Mehta, Staff Product Manager at Fanatics


Loqate has helped Fanatics develop and manage the rapid growth their eCommerce site has seen over the last few years.

After integrating Loqate’s address Verify and Capture solutions into their checkout process, Fanatics has seen significant improvements across the business, including a 50% reduction in address errors and failed deliveries.

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