Global-e and Loqate deliver localized checkout journeys to international customers



  • Streamlining and standardizing address data entry procedures for customers during checkout.
  • Reducing fulfillment issues with their domestic and international carrier network.



  • Leveraged Loqate’s Address Verification solution to validate customer address data across 200 international markets.
  • Verified, standardized and formatted addresses in real-time for improved logistics, delivery accuracy, and overall customer address data quality.

Supporting Smart Global Expansion

Leading cross-border eCommerce platform, Global-e, enables retailers and brands to deliver a seamless, localized online shopping experience to customers worldwide.

“As a global company serving shoppers in more than 200 countries, getting the address correct during the checkout process is crucial for us to make the shipping experience for the international customer simple, smooth and easy,” says Shahar Tamari, Co-founder and COO of Global-e. But collecting customer address data can be especially challenging when selling cross-border. “We had issues with customers inputting their addresses in a way that created problems with delivery.”

To help smooth the delivery process for international customers and reduce any issues with the carriers network they use worldwide, Global-e chose to implement Loqate’s Address Verification solutions.

Loqate’s AV solution has helped us to improve the overall end customer experience, allowing us to catch any errors in real-time and align address formats to what is being used by our carrier networks. For the shoppers, it also provides a simple tool to finetune their input in order for us to deliver in a faster, error-free way. -Shahar Tamari, Co-founder and COO, Global-e

Keeping the Customer Promise

Failed deliveries can be costly for any global business, and not only financially. Moreso than any potential decline in revenue, Global-e was most concerned with the effect on the consumers’ experience.

“The customer checkout journey is fully operated by Global-e, although it maintains the full look and feel of the brand. When customers enter their shipping and billing details, Global-e runs the address against Loqate’s global address database to verify if it is valid. If not, they alert the customer with a pop-up,” explains Shahar. “Without Loqate’s address verification, we would implement a labor-intensive process where, when the address of the international shopper is flagged as inaccurate, our team would work to manually correct it, which could create delays in delivery.”


I think the major cost for us, if something is sent to the wrong place, is mainly the customer promise, which is breached. To avoid that, we choose to capture any error or issue with address entry before the customer completes their checkout, rather than downstream when the parcel is already on the other side of the world.
  • Shahar Tamari, Co-founder and COO, Global-e

Harmonizing Last-Mile Delivery

As the largest and world-leading cross-border enabler, Global-e aims to provide customers with fast and accurate shipping no matter where they shop online. However, last-mile logistics rely heavily on the quality of customer address data, and inaccuracies caused by typos, missing postcodes, or variations in address formatting can disrupt the delivery experience for international shoppers.

“We use multiple carrier services, so over 20 different shippers internationally,” says Shahar. “A lot of people do not know their postcode, but carriers do request it now on a country by country basis. At the end of the day, we need to comply with the address standards of both domestic and international shipping, and Loqate helps us do that.”

Loqate’s global address database makes it easy to verify, format, and standardize the way Global-e authenticates addresses and stores the customer delivery information. By running the customer’s data through the address verification API in real-time, Global-e can ensure that every input address is error-free, formatted to the proper local standard, and enriched with additional data, including the full postcode or 9-digit ZIP code. With one standardized format for address data, customer parcels can quickly and easily travel from the fulfillment center to the customer’s front door without fear of delay or missed deliveries.


Loqate has helped us harmonize the way that we operate with global carriers. At the end of the day, the addresses that we capture at the checkout must be accurate to ensure that every parcel is safely delivered.

- Shahar Tamari, Co-founder and COO, Global-e

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