Green Vues enhances the value of customer data with WinPure™ Clean & Match powered by Loqate


  • Enhance the value of client-provided raw customer data that can only be released in geocode format
  • Improve the accuracy of probabilistic matching and minimize cases of false positives and negatives
  • Reduce the number of false positive profiles in the system to improve customer data quality and improve analytics


  • Leveraged WinPure’s Clean & Match tool, powered by Loqate’s Address Verify solution to develop a high-quality customer address database and minimize cases of false positives and negatives when data matching
  • Converted customer data in geocode format into accurate and complete address records using Loqate’s Reverse Geocoding solution
  • Utilized WinPure’s Clean & Match with Loqate’s Address Verification tools to identify and remove inaccurate and false positive customer profiles in the system

Cleaner data for a Greener world

As data & analytics experts focused on today’s exploding green economy, Green Vues’ green economy data products & BI tools help customers identify, segment and connect with their green consumers.

Using machine learning and human intelligence (HI), their consumer segmentation system and green propensity personas allow customers to personalize their marketing communications based on profiles for over 217,000 US neighborhoods.

However, the value of their analytics and insights rely heavily on the quality of their data. Many companies, especially in the energy sector, are unable to release the full breadth of their customer address files. This access issue often leaves Green Vues with mountains of raw data that require the right tools and processes to utilize correctly.

Green Vues required an easy-to-use and cost-effective software solution that would take raw data and convert it into a useful format that will allow them to accurately conduct probabilistic matching and offer customers the best targeting opportunities.

After researching potential vendors, the Green Vues team chose WinPure™ Clean & Match, powered by Loqate’s Address Verification solutions, concluding they were the best value, easiest to use, and provided the most accurate data matching and merging results.


We chose WinPure for our data quality solution firstly due to their relationship with Loqate and integration with their reverse geocode solution, and secondly because of their fuzzy matching routines. Not only do they work well, but we’ve had far fewer false positives and false negatives than we’ve had with any other tool.


Increasing location data reliability

Green Vues utilized WinPure’s solution to significantly improve their process efficiency and enhance their data quality, which required sophisticated data matching and enrichment.

“Our customers are vigilant about cyber security and often unable to release their address files. But they can release the meter locations as geocodes. This leaves us with hundreds of thousands of longitudes and latitudes that need to be identified,” says David Stirling, Founder & CEO of Green Vues.

Underpinned by Loqate’s Address Verify and Reverse Geocoding solutions, David and team were able to use WinPure™ Clean & Match to produce a valuable set of data very quickly. Loqate’s Reverse Geocode solution identifies a location nearest to a latitude and longitude coordinate, providing corresponding addresses for geolocation queries, increasing location data reliability and making the data more practical for serving customers.


We use Loqate’s data and Reverse Geocoding feature that’s built into the Clean & Match tool to accurately convert a particular lat/long combination. Once we have a good idea of where the address is, then we can bring in other third-party data, but it all begins with the ability to reverse geocode.

-David Stirling, Founder & CEO of Green Vues

Deduplication, matching and enrichment

With the help of Loqate’s global address database and Address Verify solution, Clean & Match supports the aggregation, organization and cleanliness of Green Vues’ data and makes it more valuable to their customers.

“Once we identify an address through reverse geocoding, we now have access to hundreds upon hundreds of different data elements. That information tells us everything we need to know about the customer—demographics, financials, property profile, and other characteristics that we can take back to our clients to define which of their customers offer the best opportunities,” says David.

With reverse geocoding, coordinates are run through Loqate’s Verify tool where they are parsed, matched against their global database for formatting in the correct address structure, enriched (for example, adding U.S. County or U.K. Dependent Locality), and standardized to create the most complete and accurate address record. Using advanced fuzzy matching and data deduplication, WinPure then identifies duplicate records, either removing duplicates from the source or exporting the duplicates list as a separate file. This leaves Green Vues with the highest quality customer data to underpin their persona profiles, predictive models and targeting algorithms.

“Addresses are almost always used in the linkage and the matching process" says Benjamin Cutler, Sales & Customer Operations Leader at WinPure. "The address parts are primary attributes used for our kind of work, so when you’re trying to match a person, company, or product, you’re using address data as a way to discover those relationships. Trying to match a city or a state when the field is blank, incomplete or unstandardized can cause downstream problems. With the Loqate solution, we can take address data, essentially in any format, and quickly make it much more useful.”


An analytical approach to the green economy

WinPure and Loqate have allowed Green Vue to take a necessary and efficient 3-dimensional approach to their data insights and analytics.

“You have to look at consumers in terms of who they are and where they live," says David "but also in terms of where they are at a particular time of the day because their profile varies depending on that information – whether they’re at work, at play or at home. Anything that brings all of that information together is going to go a long way to helping marketers and analysts work effectively.”

Location data has evolved dramatically, especially over the last 20 years, and it’s had an enormous impact on what’s going on in digital advertising.

- David Stirling, Founder & CEO of Green Vues

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