JetBlue optimizes their booking flow and reduces customer friction with Address Capture

  • Deliver a fast and easy online booking flow for customers
  • Reduce incorrect addresses entry to prevent address payment failures
  • Reduce customer friction and increase page advancement
  • JetBlue uses Loqate’s Capture API for faster entry of customer addresses during booking, improved data accuracy and decreased error rates
Results achieved with Loqate
  • Improved address field accuracy and reduced incorrect address payment failures with Loqate’s Address Capture solution

Optimizing the booking flow

Since its inception in 2000, JetBlue Airways has rapidly grown its reputation as one of the most successful airlines in the United States. They have continued to focus on providing low-cost service to previously underserved cities while giving passengers a high-quality customer experience (CX).

However, with no previous address verification solution in place, there was reduced functionality within their booking flow due to errors and friction when customers input their addresses. To enhance their delivery of unique services and offer a treasured booking and flying experience to their customers, JetBlue decided to implement Loqate’s Address Capture solution.


One of our main pain points was around incorrect addresses being entered by our customers, which could lead to incorrect address payment failures.

Patrick Hennessey, Manager for IT Digital Personalization & Optimization at JetBlue

Enhancing the customer experience

JetBlue aimed to transform its booking process to support consumers’ growing need for ease and convenience. Most notably, the way they captured an address during online booking needed attention. 


“In order to book a flight, there are a number of required steps within the booking process,” says Patrick Hennessy, Manager for IT Digital Personalization & Optimization at JetBlue. “As such, it is imperative that we focus on any area of opportunity which could reduce customer friction and increase page advancement.”

Implementing Loqate’s Address Capture API quickly improved overall efficacy, allowing JetBlue to verify an address upfront while minimizing chances of typos and other errors during data entry. “Loqate’s Capture solution product is used for addresses entered within our booking flow,” says Patrick. “This has helped with address field accuracy, which has reduced incorrect address payment failures that occur.

Address Capture’s real-time type-ahead predictive technology made it easy for users to search and populate their address details into the necessary form fields. This allowed customers to purchase quicker, decreased error rates and ultimately increased successful bookings.

Some of the reasons we picked Loqate was that the product’s ability to have an easy solution to capture a customer’s address along with its additional functionality around verifying addresses.


JetBlue’s major strength is their prime focus on continuous innovation and, with the help of Loqate, they have taken significant strides toward staying competitive in the travel industry. The airline has made the best use of technology to enable agility across operations, diminish costly address errors and enhance the online experience for their customers.

JetBlue users, now able to capture and find their address in less than seven keystrokes, are experiencing an accelerated booking process that is both easy and meaningful.

“So far customers have provided positive feedback of this functionality within our booking flow, and this has also helped reduce incorrect address payment failures,” says Patrick. “As we continue to measure our success through the accuracy of our customer’s data, we are also looking to integrate Loqate’s Address Validation functionality in other channels including our enrollment flow.”


We’ve been using Loqate for 9 months and their product has greatly met our needs in relation to capturing customers addresses, the ease of implementation along with the cost.

- Patrick Hennessy, Manager for IT Digital Personalization & Optimization at JetBlue

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