Loqate helps Minbie improve conversion rates by 2.5%

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 2014, Minbie’s award-winning products work towards supporting tens of thousands of parents across the globe. Their patented technology is designed to make it easier for babies moving to bottle, thanks to their revolutionary teat functions.

Minbie needed an address verification tool that would simplify the checkout for parents, typically shopping via mobile. They implemented Loqate into their Shopify stores due to the tool’s ability to provide a seamless checkout flow.

The experience I’ve had with Loqate has been great. They provided fast and personal support to help integrate the tool onto our Shopify stores and followed up afterward to make sure everything was smooth and working.

- Torqhil Anderson, Co-founder, Minbie

According to Co-Founder Torquhil Anderson Loqate saves Minbie customers time by reducing the amount of form filling required of them, as well as reducing errors from typing incorrect or invalid addresses. The Loqate address verification tool boosted Minbie's conversion rate from 7.51% to 10.01% in just 3 months.

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