ON THAT ASS reduces invalid addresses by 30% and reaches customers across the world powered by Loqate’s global address data

Founded in 2015 in the Netherlands, ON THAT ASS is a fast-growing fashion retailer with a unique concept specializing in underwear. As a subscription service, they deliver unique men’s underwear to hundreds of thousands of members each month.

ON THAT ASS is Europe’s most unique boxershorts subscription service provider. Their business strategy was shaped by their founders’ desire to build a Netflix-style business that catered to their customers’ need for fast service, great prices and even greater quality.

Initially, we were drawn to the usability and speed of Loqate’s Address Capture tool. But the worldwide coverage of their address data also became a key factor for us.

ON THAT ASS is Europe’s most unique boxershorts subscription service provider. Their business strategy was shaped by their founders’ desire to build a Netflix-style business that catered to their customers’ need for fast service, great prices and even greater quality.

“We’ve built our marketing model around the free trial, and in these six years, we have about 500,000 active memberships. Around 3,000,000 customers in Europe have already tried our boxer shorts,” said Wesley van Ham, Senior Data Specialist at ON THAT ASS. Living up to their growing customer expectations and worldwide ambitions required a heightened focus on the quality of the data they are bringing into their systems while ensuring they do not skimp on the customer experience. After experiencing Loqate’s’ Single Line Type-Ahead Search feature while shopping on the ASOS website, ON THAT ASS employed their Address Capture API to ensure they can easily collect accurate customer data, enabling them to reach and deliver orders first time.

ON THAT ASS brought on Loqate to make three major improvements, the first being the acceleration of their online sign-up process.

“We onboard around 100,000 new members each month, but we saw that some users were dropping off at the address fields in our sign-up flow. Through recordings, heat maps and quantitative analysis, we discovered the cause was that it took too long to fill in addresses.”

Loqate’s Single Line Type-Ahead Search removed unnecessary friction, like excess form fields and manual address entry, that was triggering customers to abandon their checkout.

“Some European countries, like Spain or Italy, have seven or eight address fields to fill in. Now with Loqate, our site has just one,” said Wesley. “This helped increase usability on our website. Especially considering that 95% of our website visitors are on mobile phones.”

Loqate’s type ahead engine does all the hard work, narrowing down address results based on location, auto-correcting errors, and localizing the search experience on a global scale. In as few as three keystrokes, customers can receive their correctly formatted and verified address.

Originally, the time it took for people to complete the address form was about one minute and 20 seconds. After Loqate, it’s 55 seconds, a 31% time reduction.

The second factor ON THAT ASS hoped to enhance was the quality of their customer data. “Each month, we send over 600,000 products by mail and receive around 2,500 back because of incorrect addresses,” said Wesley.

The manual address entry process often left room for human error. Those inaccuracies had ramifications that were more than just financial.

“In many instances, we are losing more than the shipping costs. People that do not receive a product will complain about us to customer service or on their social channels. We send thousands of products monthly, and just 10,000 negative comments can be bad for our brand.”

Implementing Address Capture enabled ON THAT ASS to protect both their revenue and reputation. Using natural language processing that auto-amends a user’s input when there are mistakes like spelling errors, missing words or switched letters, Loqate helps reduce the risk of invalid addresses and failed deliveries.

We wanted to receive fewer returns, and Loqate’s high-quality global data improved our address systems, decreasing invalid addresses by 30% and saving us 2,500 euros each month.

Lastly, ON THAT ASS sought Loqate’s help to get an understanding of the address system in each country. The nuances of global commerce made it difficult for them to manage payments and communicate with customers in different regions.

“We are active in 11 European countries, but we have worldwide ambitions,” said Wesley. “We will be expanding to 15 European countries in the next few months, but each country has its own address system.”

Address structure can differ widely depending on where you are in the world. If a customer is in France, they will type the building number before the street name. German customers must write the street name first, along with their academic title, to ensure the postal service can deliver their package.

“It’s hard for companies to scale up fast because they are restricted by all kinds of differences: cultural, economic, etcetera. Loqate makes it easier for us to not have to think about how things work in each country.”

After choosing Loqate as their addressing expert, ON THAT ASS received access to the most curated premise-level address data from 249 countries and territories in 6,500 languages and 180 postal formats.

Powered by this data and the natural language processing that identifies an anchor word, such as a city, and automatically fills and formats the other elements, Loqate enables ON THAT ASS to accurately capture a customer’s address, no matter where they are in the world.

We were searching for one solution that fits all of our needs; that’s why we chose Loqate. The API does all the work, there’s no downtime, and our two-month free trial showed us that this was the right product for us.

- Wesley van Ham, Senior Data Specialist at ON THAT ASS