Loqate, a GBG solution


  • Streamline and standardize address data entry procedures for customers and suppliers
  • Maintain data accuracy and integrity amid the large scale and volume of customer data
  • Accelerate digital transformation by instituting an enterprise-wide master data management strategy


  • Leveraged Loqate’s Address Verification solution to standardize and validate customer and supplier addresses during the onboarding process
  • Verified, standardized and formatted addresses in real-time for improved product warranty, shipment accuracy, and overall data quality in their MDM and Customer Hub

Joining the new world

Overhead Door Corporation has been one of the most recognized and respected brands in the garage door industry for 100 years.

They are committed to offering products and services that provide safety, security, and convenience to customers via 5 operating divisions that encompass 7 brands across North America. As leaders of progress with a legacy of innovation, they have prepared themselves to take another massive step into the future: digital transformation.

During this journey, they’ve created their Customer Data Hub, a central system for a single source of information for all their customers. As with any large corporation, the capture of customer data through different mediums and locations meant that the risk of capturing incorrect, incomplete customer data was increased. This low-quality data made it difficult for Overhead Door Corporation to do critical business tasks such as sending out statements, acknowledgments, and shipment notices.

To save on the cost of faulty delivery and improve customer confidence in their brands, they implemented Oracle’s Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ) Address Verification application. Powered by Loqate’s curated global data and address verification solutions, they have taken strides to improve the integrity of their customer address data and ensure the accuracy of every future transaction.

Overhead Door Corporation was in the midst of a digital transformation leveraging a single unified technology platform. One of the key objectives was to institute an enterprise-wide master data management strategy that included the normalization and standardization of customer and supplier address data.

Rathna Vuppala, Senior Manager for MDM & Data Governance at Overhead Door Corporation

A new standard for shipping

Overhead Door Corporation sought to improve both the consistency and the quality of their data in order to deliver excellent shipment accuracy and an improved customer experience.

Satisfying today’s consumer demands requires a seamless, frictionless customer journey, from the start of purchase to the checkout. To provide the best experience for their customers and suppliers, they first needed to collect, store and maintain high-quality address data.

“We have numerous online channels to receive customer data,” says Rathna Vuppala, Senior Manager for MDM & Data Governance at Overhead Door Corporation. “Overhead Door Corporation uses Loqate's Verify solution to standardize and validate customer and supplier addresses during the onboarding process at point of entry. Contact Center agents verify addresses in real-time for order shipments and product warranty purposes.”

With the help of Loqate’s address verification solution, they were able to oversee the integrity, security, and overall cleanliness of their customer address data.


Loqate Verification was the solution of choice to pair with and complete our requirements. The objective was to maintain accurate customer and supplier address information at point of entry into our MDM and Customer Hub with real-time address verification and geocoding to maintain data integrity.

Rathna Vuppala, Senior Manager for MDM & Data Governance at Overhead Door Corporation

Optimize supplier and customer onboarding

For Overhead Door, making daily transactions all over North America meant endless opportunities for customer and supplier information to enter their database with errors such as incomplete information, incorrect zip codes, and inconsistent formatting across locales.

Without an element of address validation in play, beginning a new business relationship with a supplier, verifying customer addresses during a transaction, and making changes to existing records would become a manual process. The scale and volume of customer and supplier data being created made keeping up with data accuracy and integrity an overwhelming task.

Their Master Data Management (MDM) offered a solution by having one place to house all company data, but they must first ensure they collect, store and maintain high-quality data. Loqate’s Verify solution makes it easier to validate, standardize and enrich address data in real-time, providing Overhead Door with access to the most comprehensive accurate global location data available in the market.

The use of multiple applications relying on the same customer and supplier master data would have resulted in too many duplicates, excessive manual adjustments and corrections, and significantly higher maintenance costs.

Rathna Vuppala, Senior Manager for MDM & Data Governance at Overhead Door Corporation

Loqate Verification has contributed to the overall streamlining of standardizing address data entry procedures and practices for customers and suppliers, significant reductions in incorrect addresses, provided for real-time address verification at point of entry, and improved overall data quality. 

A winning MDM strategy

Loqate Verification has been an important component of Overhead Door Corporation’s Master Data Management and Customer Data Hub Journey,” says Rathna.

"Loqate Address Verification solution has helped improve the customer experience by ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of customer and supplier address data at scale for Overhead Door Corporation." Accessing the address verification tool through Oracle EDQ allows them to validate addresses from all countries and territories and utilize real-time address search technology to help prevent inconsistencies that result from fuzzy errors, mobile data entry, and duplicate customer profiles. Overhead Door Corporation can now establish a golden record for each data point to ensure that accurate insights can be captured and used effectively.

Stakeholders are confident in Loqate’s capabilities and the integrity of address data ensures all transactions with customers and partners are correct and flow without interruption.

Rathna Vuppala, Senior Manager for MDM & Data Governance at Overhead Door Corporation

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Address Verification

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