Loqate, a GBG solution

Clothing retailer Reiss chose Loqate for its online check-out solution. The company saw an increase in sales and delivery rates, and a reduction in customer service calls immediately following implementation.

Address Verification from Loqate is far more intuitive-more how a customer would naturally type an address.

Instead of the traditional method of manually typing in your postal address at the point of checkout, Loqate's technology allows users to type in the first line of their address and the software will provide addresses matching. Similar to predictive typing in a search engine, the application will predict what you are searching for and change accordingly as you continue to type.

The retailer's three main objectives were to improve their delivery rates, reduce cart abandonment and minimize the number of customer service calls. Loqate's software did all that and more, as Reiss was also able to continue to optimize their site on mobile devices.

Ross Loughlin, head of ecommerce at Reiss, said: “We had a few major projects happening at the same time with new checkout options such as same day delivery and next day delivery, which both involved address lookup, and it integrated pretty seamlessly with that, too.”

“It’s not an implementation you see everywhere. We were nervous, we expected customer calls to go up initially, but we saw a reduction immediately and a relative improvement across all three target objectives. We can see categorically that delivery rates have gone up, and customer service calls and cart abandonment have gone down."

Loughlin said that the solution paid for itself in the first five weeks of implementation, which may have been helped by the busy holiday season. However, he said that it continues to pay for itself.

“We are using Loqate in a way no one had before, so there was a lot of back and forth during development, but the Loqate team was very reactive and cooperative.”

Products Reiss are using

Address Verification

Address Verification

Remove friction and improve conversion rates by providing a faster way to enter delivery addresses as well as assisting successful parcel delivery.

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