Address Verification and Geocode from Loqate enhances Enterprise Master Patient Index for Rhapsody

Rhapsody uses its market leading expertise in patient and provider identification to the healthcare ecosystem by accurately identifying and linking patient and provider data. Rhapsody’s EMPI technology, rated No. 1 by KLAS, is deployed by the nation’s most successful healthcare systems and health information exchanges to manage 250 million lives. Their technology helps organizations deliver higher quality, better care coordination and greater business and clinical efficiency.

For healthcare technology leaders Rhapsody, coordinated, accountable, patient-centered care is reliant on access to quality patient data. Fragmented information scattered across multiple systems and settings of care within the network were a major hinder to making informed clinical decisions and real-time data exchange. Erroneous and incomplete records lead to sub-optimal outcomes and lost revenue. Further, inaccurate or outdated patient demographics, such as address information, create further operational and financial inefficiencies. Rhapsody partnered with Loqate to improve the quality of their patient data in order to provide a better customer experience and improve business efficiencies. 

Loqate created an enhanced address verification and geocode solution to sit within the Rhapsody Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) technology platform, MatchMetrix®. The integration of Loqate’s technology and global datasets for over 245 countries and territories enables front end real-time address verification and back-end batch database cleansing.

Rhapsody’s technology platform produces a single best record of patient demographic information containing verified, enriched and standardized address data that an entire enterprise can access to drive improvements in quality, productivity, costs, and customer satisfaction. The integration of the Loqate Address Verification solution enables front end real-time address verification and back-office batch database cleansing through the platform.


The type-ahead predictive functions available through the Loqate Address Verification API, allow for interactive address capture and verification in real-time as a patient’s information is being entered into a database.


Once address data has entered an organization, as part of the EMPI process, it can be processed in batch and returned to the organization’s database verified, enriched and standardized. Thereby, creating and maintaining the most accurate and complete patient address data.


Loqate have given Rhapsody the ability to offer a single best record containing verified referential address patient data


Rhapsody’s leading EMPI solution correlates patient IDs across multiple and disparate systems to produce a Single Best Record of patient demographic information containing verified and enhanced address data that the entire enterprise can access to drive improvements in quality, productivity, costs, and customer satisfaction.

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