AddressBase Datasets From Ordnance Survey

The most comprehensive property location data in Great Britain

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How Loqate Geo+ can help you

We love addresses but sometimes, they're just not accurate enough. This is where geocodes come in. By having a latitude and longitude associated with an address, you can locate a property with greater precision. This level of accuracy can save you time and money, especially when it comes to logistics and deliveries. 

As the largest reseller of PAF® in the UK, we're keenly aware of the challenges businesses face. Our customers can benefit from a reduction in time per delivery and increase in the number of drops per route.

Contactless delivery has made the importance of location data even greater. Ensure your customers continue to receive their goods in a timely manner by utilising this new dataset. 

Key Features of AddressBase products

  • Locate a single property – accurate to within 10cm

  • Understand the full history and use of a property

  • Gain insight into the lifestyle and services of a multi-residence property

  • Identify buildings at risk from flooding or major infrastructure changes

  • Locate businesses, residential, community, public properties

  • Overlay third party data with your own information

Why use AddressBase

Positive marketing ROI

Improve the ROI of your marketing initiatives by understanding which postcodes sit next to each other, which boundaries they share and the radius of where your target addresses sit.

Effective Planning

Plan future infrastructure services more effectively, such as capacity of sewers or telecommunications, by discovering where new homes or offices are going to be built.

Accurate provision of services

Understand the exact use or history of a building for engineering works, installation or for accurate provision of energy, other utilities and services.

Improve response times

Improve response times and reduce the risk to teams by understanding property type and use; Unique Property Reference Numbers enable precise identification and location of properties, easy data sharing with partners, simplified searches and automated accuracy of incident locations.

Assess property risks

Improve home and business insurance pricing and reduce the risk of fraudulent activity immediately. You can also find out where addresses are located, what the property type is, and assess the risk to an address within a given radius, for example if it is located near a floodplain

Two levels of AddressBase to choose from

AddressBase Core

Royal Mail PAF addresses, both commercial and residential, matched to the local authority Unique Property Reference Number.

AddressBase is a good entry-level product for your business.

  • Contains over 28 million addresses from Royal Mail’s postal address file (PAF)
  • Link additional information about a property to a single address to a map
  • Addresses classified as either residential or commercial
AddressBase Premium

The most accurate geographic dataset of addresses, properties and land areas where services are provided.

In addition to Address Base and Address Base Plus features, AddressBase Premium data includes:

  • A total of over 39 million addresses including 28 million from Royal Mail's postal address file (PAF)
  • Basic property type e.g residential or commercial as well as information on 'object' properties such as cattle grids, phone boxes, village halls
  • Full property lifecycle information
  • Ability to detect fraud if somebody tries to insure a property that no longer exists
  • Assess mortgage risk if, for example, the address used to be a brownfield site
  • Undertake risk analysis down to individual addresses to spot patterns hidden in data
  • Determine the size of new sewers or broadband capability needed, based on likely population growth
  • Avoid duplicate records in your data by recognising house address or alias used by property owners

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