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Achieving clean international addresses is complex due to the multitude of global postal address formatting and alignment variations. Across the more than 250 continuously changing countries and territories, multiple languages, 139 character scripts and over 130 different address formats are used. Address verification from Loqate solves it all for you.


B = buildings; S = Streets; C = Cities; P = Postalcodes


...Even in hard-to-address markets

For a long time, address data has been sparse and hard to come by for many areas of the globe. But with address verification from Loqate, you can reach beyond borders - even in emerging and hard-to-address markets.

We partner with data organisations worldwide to give you access to granular street and postcode data in places like China, Hong Kong, Macau, India, the Far East, Indonesia and Central and South America.

With Loqate, you’ll know where, better.

Better customer experience

Validating international addresses enables you to quickly and easily enhance customer experience at all stages of the customer life cycle. From order to delivery of consumer goods, as well as enhancing sales and marketing efforts and streamlining logistics and engineering operations.

 Business growth

By ensuring global data quality, checkout and form conversions increase, failed deliveries and mailings are reduced and staff productivity skyrockets.

Single-best address record

By verifying global customer data, accurate international addresses can be verified first time and a single process for data collection and maintenance can be used across your organisation.

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