Loqate, a GBG solution

Our customers trust us to deliver a global, resilient and secure service

Global service

We route your traffic to the closest data center automatically to ensure the best performance possible.

Globally resilient

In the highly unlikely event of data center failure your requests won't be affected, at all.

Secure data

We are ISO27001 accredited so you can be confident that your data is secure with us. 

Global API

Full HTTPS API is available for all of our services, with multiple endpoints provided so you can access the data in whichever way suits you. We can provide you with documentation to support this.


The Loqate Platform is run from a hybrid environment, utilizing both traditional physical data centers and cloud environments in order to provide the best mix of throughput and reliability.

Data Coverage

Verification of addresses in 249 countries and territories globally comes as standard, and because we source our data from official data partners you know you will only ever have accurate data in your systems. By cross-referencing, combining and cleansing the data from multiple sources within individual countries, we can help you reach beyond borders - even in emerging and hard-to-address markets.

Deployment options

Our single global API enables us to offer flexible deployment options to meet our partners and customers’ specific implementation requirements - on premises, cloud or private cloud.

On Premise

  • Loqate engine installed on end user server
  • Transaction and contract options available


  • Hosted via the cloud accessed via REST API
  • On demand service
  • No infrastructure cost
  • Purchase transactions

Private Cloud

  • Loqate engine locally from a web server
  • Access via internally hosted web service
  • Transaction and contract options available
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