Loqate, a GBG solution

Capture accurate customer addresses

Retailers see huge improvements to business efficiencies and customer communications when there is a focus on data quality. Ensure that the address data you capture in your ecommerce checkout, EPOS or CRM is valid and accurate – even when typos are entered.

Optimize your online checkout

Reduce the amount of typing required from your customers, allowing them to move quickly through the checkout. Address verification from Loqate reduces key strokes by up to 78%, giving you massive UX improvements.

Improve your delivery success rate

Verifying addresses up-front saves you money on failed deliveries and increases on-time delivery rates. Plus you'll have happier customers because they'll receive their purchases first time.

Fixing Failed Deliveries: Improving retail data quality

Read the latest research report 'Fixing Failed Deliveries' and learn the true cost of failed deliveries, and why improving data quality in retail is key to improved customer experience. 

How Retailers Can Benefit from Loqate 

Explore all the ways retailers can benefit from using an Address Verification tool to: 

-Onboard your customers with greater accuracy 

-Improve user experience 

-Go global 

-Ensure accurate & up-to-date data collection

Trusted by over 20,000 customers worldwide

Successful courier deliveries have gone up, and cart abandonment has gone down
Reiss Read case study
Vivienne Westwood

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