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5 reasons you need to verify your emails

Smaller keyboards on devices such as smartphones often cause users to make typos when entering their email address. So, how do you ensure the email address data in your database is valid and accurate? The best way is by implementing an effective email address validation tool, and to help give you a good idea of the benefits of email validation, here are 5 reasons why you should be verifying your emails.

Sender reputation

Sender reputation is essential when it comes to email as this helps determine what emails will be sent. A score is attributed to a business by an ISP, and if this score is high the email will be more likely to be sent to your list. A high score also means a company has a strong sender reputation, but low scores result in emails going to spam folders

Reduce bounce rates

By verifying emails in your database, or as you capture them, ensures that a higher number of emails can be sent. A lower bounce rate means your messages reach more customers, giving you a better chance of improving ROI. An increase in email delivery results in greater open and click through rates and improved response rates. 

Brand reputation

Another important reason for validating your emails is to maintain or improve your brand reputation. Think about it: if you have incorrect email address data, you can’t send email notifications such as order confirmations, registration confirmations, important communications and delivery information. If your customers are expecting these updates but don’t receive them, they will likely feel some level of frustration, and may share this with family, friends...and even the wider online community via social media. 

CX and ongoing comms

Email provides so many opportunities to communicate customer loyalty schemes, offers, newsletters and confirmations of order status and deliveries. A quick and easy way to get your message across - if you have the right data. If you’re capturing inaccurate email addresses, your customers won’t benefit from all the great features and discounts you can offer.  


Emails that contain confidential information - think financial, insurance, healthcare - should only be read by the intended recipient, and could be dangerous in the hands of a stranger. Would you really want details of your medical history, address, pension, insurance or bank going to someone else? This can only result in embarrassment, frustration and even security risks for the intended recipient. 

Collecting email addresses in your online forms is great as it gives you the ability to reach people all around the world, quickly and easily. However, if the email data you possess is poor, you may as well not bother. Data quality plays a fundamental role in any business; without it, your customers will missing vital messages...and your marketing efforts will go completely to waste.

For more information on improving your marketing efforts, checkout out the Email Verification Best Practice Guide.

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