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Increasing user conversion with high-quality product master data
Increasing user conversion with high-quality product master data

A key success factor that increases the user conversion rate in your shop and puts your business ahead of your competition is the quality of your product master data. However, achieving high quality product data can be a daunting task as there is a lot of messy product data out there.

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Address verification and validation - When location is everything
Data is king - Ensure accuracy & quality, every time

In this blog series, we look at how address verification can support your business. In Forrester’s Location Intelligence Drives Competitive Edge In The Digital Age study, over half (51%) of firms reported that the poor quality of their location data is one of the biggest inhibitors to location intelligence. Address verification improves conversion and business efficiencies, and the quality of the data is essential. This, the third blog of the series, takes a closer look at the importance of data quality and recency.

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