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What Is NCOA?
What Is NCOA?

NCOA is an acronym for National Change of Address. It is a database that keeps track of permanent changes of addresses for individuals, families, and businesses.

What Is CASS?
What Is CASS?

CASS is an acronym for Coding Accuracy Support System. It is a certification program, established and maintained by the United States Postal Service (USPS), for software vendors that rely on official address records. 

Returned Mail

For businesses that reach customers in North America, returned mail is a multi-billion dollar problemFor eCommerce companies that sell physical goods, especially, the problem can be quite frustrating due to restocking, chargebacks and redelivery fees.

Delivery Options: PO Box, Street Address, Locker, Site to Store
Delivery Options

According to research by MetaPack, 5% of all online orders fail to make it to their intended location. Even if the failed delivery was actually caused by the courier, 78% of consumers still expect the retailer to resolve the issue. The average cost of a failed delivery is $17.78.

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