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What Are Geocodes?
What Are Geocodes?

Geolocation is the process of converting an address into a geocode, which specifically refers to latitude and longitude coordinates. The main use case for geolocation is to standardize location data into a universal system that is not dependent on a regional postal code.

Returned Mail

For businesses that reach customers in North America, returned mail is a multi-billion dollar problemFor eCommerce companies that sell physical goods, especially, the problem can be quite frustrating due to restocking, chargebacks and redelivery fees.

Delivery Options: PO Box, Street Address, Locker, Site to Store
Delivery Options

According to research by MetaPack, 5% of all online orders fail to make it to their intended location. Even if the failed delivery was actually caused by the courier, 78% of consumers still expect the retailer to resolve the issue. The average cost of a failed delivery is $17.78.

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