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Are you an insurance form hero?

In fact, according to research from Formisimo, insurance forms take users an average of 246 seconds to complete, and that information has to be entered into 56 fields across 6 steps. They found that, of the home insurance quotation forms they looked at, form length could actually be halved - which would make an enormous difference to customers’ lives.

Of course, insurance forms require more information than the average online form, but there are many things that can be done to reduce the amount of time and effort required of the user.

So many people today are time-poor, and don’t have long enough to sit and fill out lengthy forms - they just want a quick and simple process. Especially when long forms are not even necessary.

To help insurance companies get a better idea of how they are performing, Loqate have created Are you an insurance form hero - the quiz that takes looks at what you can do to optimise your insurance form UX.  

Try it now to receive expert advice on how to improve your UX in your home insurance forms.


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