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Email marketing: Quick wins and long-term strategies

But one of the biggest stumbling blocks for email marketers is poor data. Without quality data, how can you know your customers the way you should? This means you won’t have a good understanding of what to send them and when in order to get the best results.

Successfully reaching your customers across different touch points is essential for all businesses, but you can only ever have a long and happy relationship with your customers if you have the correct email address. So getting this step right is vital.

So, how do you ensure your email data is allowing you to get the most out of your email marketing efforts and you are sending the most personalised communications to the right people at the right time?

On 30th January (2pm GMT/ 9am EST), Loqate’s Alex Bryan, Customer Success Manager, hosted the webinar - Best Practice: Email Marketing 101, where he was joined by GBG’s Digital Marketing Specialist Karen Bailey, and IBM Watson’s Named Account Specialist Rhys Owens. Together, the three experts provided practical advice for improving email marketing initiatives, including quick wins and long-term strategies. They also discussed real-world email marketing customer success stories.

Watch our on-demand recording to gain great insight into improving your email marketing.

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