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Expert view: Learning how to succeed internationally

That’s why we have collaborated with Planet Retail RNG and Retail Week Connect to produce the Loqate International Retail Index, in which we reveal the the best in the world when it comes to international retailer. The first of its kind, this list of top 30 international retailers includes some obvious (Amazon) and some not quite so obvious retailers making huge waves when it comes to going global effectively, and looks into the main reasons behind their success.

To provide you with an in depth analysis of the results of the Retail Index, we will be hosting a webinar - How to be a successful global retailer: Lessons from the best - featuring our very own Managing Director David Green, Robert Gregory, Global Research Director at Planet Retail RNG, and Ian McGarrigle, Chairman of World Retail Congress and co-founder of Retail Week.

As well as reviewing the top 30 retailers, we will also be discussing what it means to be international in today’s digital age, quick win tactics and online capabilities that will enable you to succeed internationally and what the future of retail looks like and how consumers are driving this change.

With cross-border commerce projected to grow at twice the pace of domestic eCommerce over the next few years, retailers can’t afford to be complacent when it comes to selling outside their own market, especially considering the challenges that global ecommerce can bring. However, with the right insights and advice, these challenges can easily be overcome, and will be far outweighed by the benefits of getting it right.

To learn more about how to succeed internationally, watch How to be a successful global retailer: Lessons from the best.

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