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Five ways to improve UX on your gaming site

Registering your personal details on an online gaming site is a long and often tedious process, which can leave users feeling frustrated. According to Formisimo, it takes the average user 77.2 seconds to complete the signup process, and to enter these details, they are required to fill out 16 form fields. This is due to the personal nature of the information required to complete ID checks.  

However, while there is obviously a need to gather important data, it is also necessary for gaming sites to understand that issues such as cognitive load could be causing users to drop off. By optimising the user experience, such sites have the opportunity to gain relevant information while making the process quicker and more frictionless for the user. Here are five ways to improve UX on your gaming site.  

Simplify navigation 

Declutter your layout - and content - for a sleeker, easier to follow site navigation. By reducing the amount the user sees on the page, they will be able to focus their attention on what is important to them. Improving site search, such as giving the gamer the chance to search for the type of game they want to play will minimise effort and help users get to what they need quickly.  

Avoid using Flash 

Too many gaming sites out there require their users to download Flash if they want to play or view certain things. This massively restricts audiences, and, in turn, drives gamers away from your site to one where they don't have to download anything to play the games they want to play. Keeping it simple is much better than allowing yourself to get carried away with trends that are going to limit the number of people who will actually enjoy it. Online audiences are impatient, so keep it simple, and keep gamers gaming.  

Reduce form fields 

Gamers come to your site to relax and enjoy their free time, so the last thing they want to be faced with is long and complicated forms, but the average number of form fields that a gamer has to complete is 17 according to Formisimo. Yes, there is some data that is absolutely vital, but consider the things that are maybe not so important. Do you really need your gamers to fill out every single one of those fields? Stick to what you really need, and reduce the number of form fields to just this. This will help reduce the number of drop offs, and, instead will help maintain focus.  

Implement type-ahead address validation 

So, we've established that reducing fields in a good thing, but once they get to those all-important fields, how easy are they to complete? Having to manually enter an entire address is a no-no! It takes too long and customers get angry – often causing them to close down the page. But implementing a type-ahead address validation tool can help resolve this issue. By minimising the amount of keystrokes required of the user, their attention is kept on completing the process, quickly and easily. Type-ahead also enables you to capture valid address data, ensuring that your database is clean.  

Launch the relevant keyboard 

With more and more gamers shifting to mobile, it's vital that gaming sites adapt and ensure that users can enjoy the same experience, regardless of device. Making sure you enable the relevant keyboard is a must when it comes to mobile. For example, if you need a phone or ID number, launch the numeric keyboard, as doing so will remove the frustration that comes with having to manually go back and find the keys users need.

Keeping your gaming site sleek, easy to navigate and complete is so important if you want to make users happy and increase conversions. Slowing them down with and taking their attention away from what they are really there for will only drive them away.  

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