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Getting started with location intelligence: The ultimate checklist

Put simply, location intelligence (also known as LI) is a range of applications, such as address verification, geocoding, data cleansing, property profiling and neighbourhood analysis. It allows businesses to communicate more effectively with their customers, meet customer expectations, improve brand reputation, increase business efficiency and reduce costs.

Ok, sounds good, but how do I choose the right location intelligence provider?

Location data is becoming increasingly important for businesses within a wide range of sectors, and this importance is set to soar over the next few years. With this in mind, it is vital for businesses to take advantage of the potential it offers them.

Ok, so we know that location intelligence plays an enormous part in the success of many companies. But how do you know which LI provider can guarantee essential criteria such as data quality, security and compliance? Well, research is, of course, key, but to help make sure you are asking the right questions when selecting a location intelligence provider, we have created a handy checklist...


It is essential to find out if a provider offers support. What type of support is this? Is it free of charge or will there be an associated fee?


Is the provider clear about the source of this data? If not, why not? Is it a valid source? What are the specific data sets on offer that are best suited to your needs?


Is the provider able to advise you on the quality of different aspects of their data? What is the strength and depth? 


Does your provider route your traffic to the closest data centre automatically so you receive the best performance possible? How resilient is their data centre?      Will your requests be affected if there’s a failure?


Is the provider GDPR and security compliant? Is your supplier ISO27001 accredited? Can you be confident that your data is secure?


How many countries and territories can your provider verify location data for? Do they understand the nuances in different address formats? Do they source official data partners ensuring you capture only accurate data?


How many deployment options are on offer? Can you choose what suits you best? Does the supplier meet your specific implementation requirements?


Does the service provider offer excellent up-time? If not, how can they guarantee a great service?


Interested in learning more about the power of location intelligence? Check out Location Intelligence Drives Competitive Edge In The Digital Age.

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