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How Geo+ strengthens logistics operations and customer deliveries

Combine this demand with the increasing complexities of addresses for new developments and rural dwellings then it’s easy to see where logistics operations are challenged – this is where geocodes and location data come in. Location data presents ever-increasing opportunities to businesses, especially those who deliver products and services to customers.  In this blog, we look to explore how Loqate’s Geo+ dataset can become a valuable asset for logistic operators, carriers, and couriers.  

What is Geo+ from Loqate?  

Geo+ is Loqate’s new dataset that combines geocodes, UPRNs and UDPRNs with Royal Mail’s Postal Address File (PAF®), to give a more complete and detailed view of UK locations. The Geo+ dataset has the additional benefit of rooftop geocodes for UK addresses – associating its latitude and longitude with an address enables you to locate properties with greater precision. This enhances delivery and operational efficiencies as well as customer experience. 

Hush are just one of the companies benefitting from Geo+, as it has used the added accuracy earned from the more complete UK address data to enhance its checkout UX for mobile customers, thereby increasing mobile conversions. For customers using their mobiles, Geo+ enables more precise location triangulation based on IP address, meaning that address lookup works much faster and helps users navigate the checkout seamlessly.  

On the implementation of Geo+, Liam Hewitt, Senior eCommerce Manager, Hush, said: 

“The geolocation implementation process was really smooth, and we have seen a definite reduction in friction on our mobile checkout for new users.” 

Geo+ for logistics planning 

As a global economy, it is increasingly common that before a product reaches an end customer, it may have to cross multiple borders in order to get to its final destination. Products may move from manufacturing and assembling facilities to the central logistics or distribution depots, before moving on to the location of the end-user. Ideally, you want the transportation process from manufacturing through to the product’s final destination to be as fast and efficient as possible.  

With Loqate’s Geo+ dataset, logistics companies can calculate the quickest and most efficient routes as well as accurately determine shipping costs. Geocodes provide precise location information within one metre – the capability to rapidly locate destinations reduces travel time, errors, and fuel consumption, subsequently reducing costs. This is hugely advantageous in logistics and supply chain management where location data accuracy along with time and cost efficiency are so important.  

Using Geo+ to make successful deliveries  

As mentioned above, addressing is increasingly complex. Not every location will have a street address, some commercial and residential properties have multiple occupancies, and rural or newly built areas may have unclear, unmarked, or inaccurate addresses.   

Successful first-time delivery is the aim of all retailers, but things don’t always go to plan. In our recent report on fixing failed deliveries, research showed that 99% of eCommerce organisations admit some deliveries go wrong, and 24% say more than 1 in 10 orders aren’t delivered at the first attempt. The cost of failed deliveries isn’t questionable, but just how does Loqate’s Geo+ help mitigate the risk? 

Even with the very best delivery drivers and satnav devices, drivers can still be left in the dark when it comes to pinpointing their delivery destination. The Grocer reported that:

“On average 45% of all UK addresses are about 50m from where a satnav will take you to.”  

Using more sophisticated geolocation data to provide delivery drivers with greater accuracy, in terms of delivery location, is one potential solution to this dilemma. 

Speaking about how Loqate has supported Sainsbury’s with enhanced location data, Chris Grice, Engineering Manager, Sainsbury’s said: “While postcodes are great for routing mail, they cover a wider geographic area than might be expected. The data we were using provides the centre point, or centroid, of this postcode area”. Loqate supplies Royal Mail PAF® data to Sainsbury's, and now we also supply 1-meter accuracy data which has enabled the Sainsbury's team to ‘scale-up and meet demand’ to help ensure deliveries could be made within the hour timeslot. 

Feedback from a Sainsbury’s delivery driver validates the benefits of Loqate’s enhanced location data: 

“It took me right to the door on a street where normally the satnav will find the house numbers, but then always takes you to the very end of the street, no matter which number you put in, this time I was straight to the front door." 

Geo+ and UX  

As the largest reseller of PAF® in the UK, Loqate is keenly aware of the challenges businesses face, particularly in the current climate where Covid-19, contactless deliveries and growing demand have made the importance of location data even greater. Using Geo+ from Loqate combines personal and location data to create a single customer view free of duplicates, increasing operational efficiencies. The dataset not only enhances the customer experience by making delivery more likely but also keeps the customer informed, providing the customer with an expected time of delivery, as well as planned journeys and times. 

Loqate’s Geo+ is certainly set to become a valuable tool in the arsenal of logistics functions within businesses that value accuracy and seek to drive efficiency and minimise customer effort. 

To find out how you can benefit from Geo+ in your business, get in touch today. 

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