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How to eliminate address entry in your mobile checkout

Attracting potential mobile customers to your site is one thing, but ensuring that they actually convert is another. The checkout is a contentious step for many, with obstacles such as lengthy forms and unclear messaging, and can mean the difference between a sale and form abandonment.

Do you cater to the needs and preferences of your mobile visitors? Whatever sector you are in, ensuring your site is as mobile friendly as possible is essential in today’s convenience-driven world, where speed is everything. So, focusing efforts on making mobile checkouts and forms quick and frictionless is a must for any online business.

Not only are mobiles a useful way to identify a person’s current location, but as technology has evolved and devices have got smaller, it became very clear to us that businesses needed quicker and simpler ways to access and capture the best quality data that matched customers’ expectations of a great mobile UX experience.

Capturing accurate data in your checkout or online forms is vital for a successful customer experience - we all know that. Typos and misspellings are costly business for companies, and incorrect addresses can cause all kinds of issues, be it failed or late deliveries, important communications not getting through to customers, and excessive time, money and effort spent on manually amending poor data - all of which could be spent much more efficiently.

As a result of this, the Loqate product and development teams have created an innovative add on to your address verification service - single-tap geolocation - which harnesses the power of geolocation technology, and eliminates the need for customers to type an address into your mobile forms or checkout.

Our geolocation tool, which is currently available in the UK, uses single-tap next generation technology that allows your customers to find their current location in your checkout or online forms, and in just one click, they can return the entire accurate address, correctly formatted, without the need to type any characters whatsoever. This improves UX hugely as it means far less time and effort is required of the user. They can simply tap and go - a mobile user's dream.

How does geolocation work? Well, the customer’s location is found using their mobile device GPS signal, and latitude and longitude results are returned, providing the complete accurate address. The data is enhanced using AddressBase Premium - the most accurate geographic dataset of addresses in the UK, which holds over 39 million addresses.

Find out more about the benefits of geolocation and how it will help you improve your mobile UX, customer journey and data quality.

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