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How to work out the real impact of poor data quality

When you overestimate the quality of your data, it can lead to failed deliveries, re-delivery costs, unhappy customers, loss of future revenue, customer service team intervention, impact on brand reputation - all of which can have serious impacts on the success of your business. Taking time to consider the real quality of your address data can help you avoid paying a hefty sum trying to clean data further down the line. The case for validating address data up front is clear, as the cost to manually fix address data after the fact is far greater. Good quality data plays a critical part in helping businesses to create a golden record - the most true, validated and complete picture of your individual customer records in your master data management or CRM system.

Data is is a valuable asset to any company – regardless of sector. Yet so many businesses fail to keep their data clean. You can learn more about the 1-10-100 rule, as illustrated in this infographic, and how to achieve the golden record in our latest guide 'Achieving the Golden Record: A guide to creating the best address record for online retailers'.

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