Loqate, a GBG solution
Increasing Efficiency Of Ecommerce Checkout And Order Fulfillment Process

Industry awarded and ethically accredited Cue is the largest local manufacturer of fashion in Australia, with all designs originating from their head office in Sydney. Staying local means that they support the Australian fashion industry, and can deliver of-the-minute designs weekly to their stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Cue is an Australian icon, and has been voted the Best Australian Fashion Brand by the readers of marie claire 4 out of the 6 times awarded.

Cue leads the way with innovative, technological solutions ensuring that the Cue customer has the best experience in-store and online. For example, Cue was one of the first retailers to launch three-hour delivery across Australia, cementing itself as an omni-channel leader in the retailing industry.

The Challenge

In their endeavour to improve user experience and gain long term trust from its shopper, the team at Cue were seeking to deploy smart technological solutions to improve data quality and the order fulfillment process of its ecommerce store.

The growing volume of online sales was further driving the need to seek consistency and accuracy through automation. There were considerable instances of undeliverable orders due to incorrect and poorly formatted customer addresses leading to customer dissonance.

The team at Cue recognised the requirement for a robust and real-time address verification solution to improve the speed and accuracy of its order delivery process.

The Solution

Cue went to market for a type-ahead address verification solution, incorporating plug-and-play capabilities and scalability features.

In May 2017, Loqate (previously known as Harmony RightAddress) was shortlisted as the preferred supplier. Cue trialled Loqate's address validation service with the goal of assessing ease of integration and ensuring the customer’s entered address were accurate and consistent with the addresses in the Australia Post Postal Address File (PAF).

After the successful results obtained from the trial, Loqate was chosen to provide the address verification service that Cue was looking for. The aim of choosing Loqate was to provide a better customer experience and reduce the number of checkout errors, increasing conversion rates in the process.

Cue chose Loqate based on a variety of factors including address accuracy, ease of setup and customisation capabilities.

Today, Cue uses Loqate to make its checkout process as smooth as possible by helping customers auto-complete their billing and shipping address as soon as enough identifying information has been provided. Loqate enables Cue to ensure that addresses are always formatted in the correct way for a given destination.

Most importantly, Loqate helps Cue customers checkout, ensuring there are no stumbling blocks between them and their purchase.

Key Benefits

  • Improved service speed and customer experience
  • Reduced undelivered mail and postage costs
  • Increased conversion rates

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