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How Loqate can help this Holiday Season:

Minimize Friction in your checkout

With more shoppers planning to ship gifts directly to recipients, minimize checkout friction by reducing the amount of typing required by as much as 78% with an address verification solution. Our location based services will ensure you maintain best quality customer data, increase online conversion rates, reduce failed deliveries and improve the user experience.

Plus, 44% of shoppers surveyed said they trust retailers MORE with Address Verification than those without.

Tis-the-season for data maintenance

As we approach the holiday season, retailers are working harder than ever to ensure their products and services are promoted, accessible, and available for purchase. When targeting your customers, having accurate, clean, and up-to-date data is vital, including customer emails, phone numbers and addresses -- learn more about our data maintenance services here.

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Creating A Seamless Purchase And Delivery Experience In Time For The Holidays

Join this session to learn best practices for minimizing friction in your checkout process and improving your delivery success rate.
Learn how to implement small changes that can have a big impact on conversion rates; tips to optimize online checkout on any device; and steps to reduce failed delivery rates with clean, verified customer data.