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The importance of getting email address data right - Consumer survey results

However, incorrect email address data can cause huge issues for businesses, resulting in failed communications, wasted marketing campaigns, a loss of money and poor sender reputation.

To shed some light on the importance of getting email address data right, Loqate conducted a survey to find out consumer opinions when it comes to providing email addresses and the issues that bad data can bring. We spoke to over 3000 respondents from across the UK, US and Germany, and here’s what we found…

In the UK, 72% of people check their emails at least once a day, with 45-54 year olds checking emails most often.

This figure is similar in the US too, with 70% checking their emails at least once a day, but the age who check theirs most often is slightly lower (35-44).

In Germany, those in the 55-64 age bracket check their emails most regularly, with 68% checking them more than once a day.

Almost ¼ of UK survey respondents admitted to falsifying email details when completing an online form, followed by ⅕ in the US and 13% in Germany.

Overall, men are much more likely to deliberately enter an incorrect email address in an online form than women. The main reason respondents gave for entering an incorrect email address was to protect their privacy.

But businesses were also guilty of not sending emails, possibly due to incorrect email address data or poor sender reputation…

Over a quarter of respondents said they had experienced issues after not receiving an email when they should have. The main problem experienced across the three regions was lack of confirmation of an order or contacting customer services.

In the US, 31% of respondents between 24 and 34 said this had happened to them on multiple occasions, in the UK, 26% of 25-34 year olds said it had happened to them more than once, and in Germany it happened to twice the amount of men than their female counterparts.

Worryingly for many businesses, well over half of respondents from each region said they would be unlikely or very unlikely to trust a brand if they failed to send vital comms due to incorrect email data. In fact, in Germany, this was as high as 57% of respondents.

So, while privacy remains a big issue for customers, it is essential for businesses to collect only accurate email address data if they want to keep the trust of their customers.

This will also allow them to contact customers effectively, avoid poor sender reputation, save costs and maintain a positive brand reputation.

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