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The International Retail Index - Top 30 Retailers

Many online retailers are now venturing into pastures new, selling their products to consumers all around the world, but it is clear that some currently do this much better than others. In order to discover the retailers who are winning when it comes to international ecommerce, Loqate, along with Planet Retail RNG and Retail Week and The World Retail Congress, have created the Internationalisation Retail Index.

Our study identified a shortlist of the top 30 global retailers based on 70+ attributes ranging from online capabilities such as language and currency conversion, to raw numbers like non-domestic sales, international locations and forecasted global growth.

Cross-border commerce is not a case of seeking world domination, but is instead about providing consumers in new countries with products that suit their needs and taste. It is also a great opportunity for companies to increase their brand profile and increase ROI, but this requires a lot of research before launching in these new territories.

It will be no surprise to readers to find colossal companies such as Amazon at the top of the list, but what should be of interest is what makes them so successful when it comes to international sales. And then there are the retailers that many may be surprised to see in the top 30 for their global success - these are the challenger brands hot on the heels of the number one spot.

Whether you are interested in finding out what makes the top 30 international retailers so successful, what you can do to improve your international appeal or how you rank against the retailers in this index, there is a lot to discover in the Loqate International Retail Index.


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