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Using location data to compete in the age of the customer

So, how do you ensure that you are able to compete, not only during the festive period, but, more importantly, in the age of the customer?

Two words: location data.

According to our recent report conducted by Forrester - Location Intelligence Drives Competitive Edge In The Digital Age - businesses can only be truly customer-centric through the use of digital intelligence.

Customers have high expectations. They want an easy, quick and convenient experience. You know this, of course, but what are you doing to ensure you are meeting these expectations?

Location intelligence (or LI for short), which can be simply described as the use of a variety of applications including address verification, geocoding, data cleansing and more, is a great way of making sure you are communicating effectively with and meeting the needs of your customers at every part of the life cycle. And with customer experience likely to overtake product quality and price as a determining factor by 2020, it this has never been more important.

So, how are some of the biggest companies in the world using location data to improve customer experience?

With Christmas and New Year dinners, parties and celebrations taking place around the world this month, Uber is set for a busy few weeks, but location data is what keeps them internationally successful. The company is able to connect customers with drivers in a single click, tracking the customer’s location and leveraging location intelligence to collect the rider at a location that is most convenient to them and dropping them off at the location of their choice. Drivers are able to find the quickest route and find an alternative route efficiently if necessary. This ensures that customers arrive at their destination as quickly and conveniently as possible. Perfect for the holiday season.

Another company that leverages location intelligence data is Dominos. And with all the house parties and celebrations coming up this month in which people will be requesting pizzas, they will definitely need effective location data- after all, who doesn’t love a festive pizza? 

In fact, Dominos can now deliver pizza to pretty much anywhere, including outdoor hotspots, thanks to location intelligence data. All a consumer needs to do is turn on location services and locate themselves on a map. Simple.

Retailers are getting in on the act too, with brands such as H&M using location intelligence to maintain a steady inventory, catering for consumers in each area, ensuring they can find the items they need, when they need them.

These are not the only businesses that understand the importance of location data either. In our study, we discovered that 77% of businesses believe location intelligence will be critical in the next three years, and many firms are choosing to use location intelligence to improve customer experience areas such as the digital experience and mobile engagement.

So, think carefully about what your customers really want for Christmas... and beyond. If you can cater for a quick, easy and convenient experience, they’ll be sure to come back again and again.

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