Loqate, a GBG solution
Under The Hood of The Loqate Brand Unification


The power of five in one.

By combining our award-winning technology with the richest datasets available, as Loqate we can now offer your business, no matter where you are in the world, the precision and reliability to deliver an unparalleled capability and user experience.


Best Data

The best data

Global coverage through a single API

Best Technology
The best technology

The ultimate in type-ahead user experience


Best People

The best people

Award-winning customer support that suits you




What does this mean for my existing product/relationship with you?
Very little will change. We will still continue to provide the products you are used to and the same support teams are available to help you should you have any questions.
Will I be forced onto another product?
No. However, if there is an upgrade available for you we'll provide this to you as an option as soon as we are able to.  


Do I need to amend my contract/relationship with you in any way?
No. If you are on a contract with us, any changes that are required, either from yourselves or us will be handled at your contract renewal as normal.  


Have the PCA Predict bank details changed?
No, our bank numbers are still the same, however, you will now receive invoices from GBG, as we are now part of the GB Group ('GBG').  


Will the new website and URL mean a change to existing service integrations?
No, there are no changes to your existing product integrations.  

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