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Why address autocomplete is so crucial for ecommerce sites

To keep up with the continuing demand, it’s important for all the ecommerce sites that Limely develop to meet a high level of efficiency to keep customers happy and business on the go. It takes a substantial amount of time and effort to keep a good ecommerce site up and running at full capacity - each aspect strategically designed and developed by our in-house team in order to truly encapsulate the customer - as attentive staff and an attractive storefront would do in a high street store.

One surefire way to ensure that your ecommerce site is up there with the best is making sure that it consists of great examples of both user experience and user interface, as these are key towards consistent conversion. There are certain features of your ecommerce site in which you can adapt and implement to make this happen; one of them being address autocomplete, or address verification as it is also known as.

In this blog, we’ll demonstrate why address autocomplete is a crucial element for an excellent and effective ecommerce site.

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What is address autocomplete?

The name itself is self-explanatory, but let’s investigate it in more detail. It’s a tool that, when applied to your ecommerce site, automatically searches for a full address and implements it into a form or checkout area after customers input a small aspect, such as a postcode or street name. This consequently saves the customer precious time and allows that crucial checkout process to be quick and easy.

Here is an automatic address verification tool in action on a site we developed for wool and craft supplier, Knitting Wool.

Address verification in ecommerce website


Why is address autocomplete so good for your ecommerce site?

A small and unassuming feature, but it makes a big difference for your customer and their experience. From our experience with developing and sustaining ecommerce sites, many of the reasons why a consumer may leave your site without completing their checkout revolve around frustration through not only a slow site but one that is difficult to use and navigate. Through address autocomplete and other UX features that we can apply to a site, customers can chip off a considerable amount of time during the checkout process and enjoy efficiency and convenience as in a matter of seconds, their full address has been implemented for them.

A lot of complications can arise with entering your address manually; ones that lead to frustrated customers who exit your site without clicking that vital ‘proceed to payment' button.

  • Depending on the user’s address, it may be made up of many components which may add a considerable amount of time to their checkout process.
  • Some addresses can have several components which can evoke stress and frustration for the user who may not know the appropriate details to enter.
  • Entering an address manually increases the risk of mistakes, which may lead to problems at delivery.

Address verification example

Just to further demonstrate the importance of a functioning and efficient ecommerce site that is laced with specialised features like auto address complete, in February 2019, Limely launched a brand-new site for flooring providers Factory Direct Flooring. Since implementation, which contained features such as an automatic address verification tool, their conversion rate has risen a whopping 43%. For us here at Limely, this is the improvement we expect due to our understanding of the clear importance of an ecommerce site that is developed with the customer and their experience in mind.

This blog is authored by Charlotte Niblett, Creative Writer for Limely, a leading UK web design and development agency who develop bespoke websites as well as for integrations with Magento and WordPress. Customers include Factory Direct Flooring, Thornley Leisure Parks, Lakeland Furniture and the Lingerie Outlet Store.

To learn more about how Limely have worked with their clients to implement address verification from Loqate by reading these blogs.

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