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Centralized data platforms are a thing of the past


Organizations across the globe are adopting data fabrics that deliver an agile, modern architecture where data can easily be discovered, analyzed, deployed, and monitored. However, the success of your data fabric is highly contingent on the caliber of information that lives in your data catalog. While organizations utilize address, phone and email data to inform critical business strategies, doing so without adding a layer of data verification into your data fabric leaves you vulnerable to inaccurate analyses, poor interoperability, non-compliance fines and more.

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Benefits of a data fabric powered by verified data

Improved interoperability

Enhanced data analytics

Enriched data visualizations

Reduction in costly data correction

Mitigated compliance risks

Better data governance

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Creating a data fabric can enable a unified approach to data that is essential to success in the healthcare industry. In this blog, learn how equipping your data fabric with accurate address, phone and email data can help the healthcare industry better understand and cater to their patients’ needs.

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It’s time for financial institutions to rethink their approach to data management and analytics - and data fabrics hold the key. Learn how adding Loqate’s verification services to your data fabric can help your business inform strategic decisions, increase productivity, and extract the greatest value from your data. 

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Building a successful MDM strategy is a challenge for those at the dawn of their digital transformation journey and poor data quality continues to be the biggest barrier to digital innovation.

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Why data validation is critical to your analytics maturity

Data is the lifeblood of every organization. With the advent of digital transformation, companies have access to more data than ever before - but without the means to collect, verify, analyze and utilize that data, more will not necessarily mean better.

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ask the experts

Data fabrics and the importance of data verification and enrichment solutions

Scott Taylor and Robert Dickson discuss how data fabrics work to weave all data sources into one location. 

Hosted by
Scott Taylor, The Data Whisperer, and Robert Dickson Vice President Professional Services, Loqate

Jessie Snyder, Director, Product Management, IBM Data Integration

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Loqate enables its partners to deliver on their customers’ global address, geocode, phone and email data quality requirements and generate incremental revenue through rich margins.

Our Partner Program is designed to allow our partners to offer, build or enhance their data enrichment solutions across a variety of applications, leveraging our market leading address verification, address capture predictive type-ahead technology, geocoding, email and phone verification products to achieve expanded market reach, improved data quality, and richer customer experiences.

The world’s leading global software companies integrate Loqate’s solutions into their applications or resell our solutions worldwide, including some of the world’s largest enterprises.