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Loqate assists at every point of your customer data lifecycle. A global address data parsing, standardising, cleansing and enhancing solution that fits your back-office requirements, delivering the most complete and accurate data available.


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Benefits of Address Cleanse


Global quality data

The Loqate solution will parse, standardise, verify, cleanse and format address data via a single, easy to integrate API for over 250 countries and territories. Powered by our superior parsing and matching engine, our solution has a proven track record in providing organisations with quality global data. 

Enhanced business capability

Our best-in-class global datasets and technology engine enable our customers and partners’ to significantly enhance the functionality and capability of their product offerings, and improve end customer experience.

Trusted partner

We are a trusted partner to businesses around the world, our expert teams work with you to understand your requirements and create tailored solution to fit your needs.

Global Knowledge Repository

The Global Knowledge Repository (GKR) is Loqate’s proprietary master database which combines our Knowledge Base data and parsing rules with our location reference datasets for 250 countries and territories.

Address Cleanse Global Parsing Engine

Loqate’s Global Parsing Engine consists of proprietary lexicon and context parsing rules created specifically for each country and territory around the world. The parsing engine standardises and cleanses addresses from unstructured and semi-structured data, automatically placing elements into the correct fields and eliminating erroneous non-address data.

Instant Response Times

Our address cleansing engine offers unparalleled, instant response performance. You’ll see an indication of the validity of each address value included in the input address, reducing costly errors. This solution can validate both partial and full address inputs.


Loqate’s solution transliterates words or letters from different global character sets into either native or Roman characters across 8 scripts including: Cyrillic, Hellenic, Hebrew, Kanji, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Hangul.

Highly available and performant scalable technology

Built on highly-available cloud agnostic architecture, Loqate is easy to deploy, scales as required and offers unparalleled performance in the environment of your choice.

"Loqate gives our customers the confidence that our products will arrive on time and to the right location."
Sandeep Suresh MehtaSenior Product Manager
FanaticsRead more
"It's crucial to populate web forms with accurate delivery address details to ensure we meet customer expectations and deliver on our promise of 100% happiness guaranteed."
Matthew KeysDigital Marketing Manager, Hotel Chocolat
Hotel ChocolatRead more
"We know that address validation has helped improve the customer journey, which has had a positive impact on conversion"
Laura MuirheadBrand Manager
Nescafe Dolce Gusto at NestleRead more
"Working with Loqate has helped Rank Group reduce marketing expenditure by £500,000 per year."
Rank GroupRead more
"The address search technology from Loqate is a vital component in the success of giffgaff's online customer journey."
Riaz AliHead of Optimization
giffgaffRead more

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