Data Maintenance

Address forwarding & goneaway suppression

Re-contact customers who have moved or identify those that are about to.

People’s circumstances change all the time, over 1.5 million homes are sold annually with 11% of the UK population moving home each year, leading to 25 thousand address changes every single day. Loqate’s UK goneaway suppression file can help you keep in touch with your customers.


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Goneaway Suppression Features & Benefits

Communication effectiveness

If your customer moves house and doesn't tell you, it can lead to missed communications, wasted budget and can negatively affect your customer relationships.

Brand reputation

If your customers think you've stopped communicating with them, or you're sending communications to the wrong person, you risk customer satisfaction scores and your brand reputation.

Compliance Assistance

Sending multiple communications to the same household, communicating with the wrong person, and not being able to accurately analyse your data increases your risk of a GDPR breach.

How address forwarding and gone away suppression can help improve customer communication

Ensuring your database keeps up with consumers’ changing circumstances is difficult. Gone away suppression files can help you identify individuals who have moved, died or don't want to be contacted.

We use a combination of multiple datasets to provide indication that an individual is no longer at a property. You can use one, all, or a combination of files to obtain the best match rate and maintain your data. Which you use depends on the purpose of the suppression.

Approximately 11% of people move home each year (source: Office for National Statistics). Even your best and most loyal customers may forget to tell you they have moved.

Being able to trace an individual to a new address, or better still identify when they are about to move will: 

  • Cost less than acquiring a new customer
  • Maximise sales opportunities
  • Improve your relationship with your customer
  • Re-engage with lost or lapsed customers
  • Ensure you meet article 5 of the Data Protection Act 2018 “Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date”.

We use a combination of datasets to ensure that your contact data is usable.


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"We know that address validation has helped improve the customer journey, which has had a positive impact on conversion"
Laura MuirheadBrand Manager
Nescafe Dolce Gusto at Nestle
"It's crucial to populate web forms with accurate delivery address details to ensure we meet customer expectations and deliver on our promise of 100% happiness guaranteed."
Matthew KeysDigital Marketing Manager, Hotel Chocolat
Hotel Chocolat
"Using Loqate's software on our database ensures correct spelling of any address which eliminates errors."
Jennie BenhamOffice Manager
Devon in Sight
"Working with Loqate has helped Rank Group reduce marketing expenditure by £500,000 per year."
Rank Group
"The address search technology from Loqate is a vital component in the success of giffgaff's online customer journey."
Riaz AliHead of Optimization

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