China Premium Data Set

China Premium Data Set

Access China's most comprehensive premise level address data.

Available for Loqate's global type-ahead Address Capture and Address Verification solutions, the China Premium Data Set helps businesses quickly verify, onboard, and deliver to Chinese consumers. 

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Key Features

  • Integrated into Loqate’s global type-ahead Address Capture and Address Verification solutions
  • Enables verification to a premise level
  • Significantly enhances depth and breadth street/thoroughfare level data. We are unable to provide geocodes for China premium data. 

Business Benefits

  • Reduce failed deliveries: Verifying addresses of customers in China saves businesses wasted international shipping costs in failed delivery attempts and chargebacks
  • Enhance the customer experience: Address Capture will auto-populate any Chinese address fields in three keystrokes or less, reducing data entry time by more than 78% and errors by 20%
  • Meet regional compliance requirements: Improve address-level data helps companies better verify shoppers, while also helping ensure Know Your Customer (KYC), anti-fraud regulations and address data quality requirements in region are met

Benefits of China Premium Data Set

Premise level data

This premium data set provides deep and accurate coverage of Chinese addresses to Premise level.

Seamless integration

Providing a seamless integration into your existing Loqate products, our Premium China Data set will quickly augment and enhance your address data, leading to better accuracy, form completion, and improved conversions.

Free data testing

With our China Premium Data Set, you can test your data prior to switching it on.

China Premium Data Set

Millions of discerning customers living in China are buying goods and services from outside of China each year.

Loqate’s China Premium Data Set provides the highest levels of accuracy giving our partners and customers a unique competitive advantage in delivering goods and services to consumers in this critical market, while helping ensure Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-fraud regulations are met.

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Learn more about our enhanced delivery point addressing capability in China.

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