Phone Validation


Phone Validation 

Real-time phone validation for numbers from anywhere in the world. Validate mobile and landline numbers from across the globe in real-time during the onboarding process, at checkout or as part of any customer data quality initiative.


Step 1: Initial validation

We determine if the phone number provided is in a recognisable format by checking its length, format, digit count, country of origin, and whether it is a landline, mobile or VoIP number.

Step 2: Carrier check

Carrier Connectivity Assessment - We verify that the phone number is registered to a carrier, providing you with the network name and ID required to make any call routing decisions.

Step 3: HLR Check

We perform HLR (Home Location Register) lookups to verify active and connected numbers, including portability and roaming information to keep you informed of network switches, ensuring security and preventing fraud.

HLR checks & Carrier connectivity

The home location register access’ the complete carrier network database. This check will tell you if a phone number is registered and contactable.

Portability information

Portability information informs you whether a customer has moved from one network to another allowing businesses to stay updated on network switches and track customer location for enhanced security and fraud prevention.

We take the network that the phone number has been ported to and display that at the network name. This ensures you always have the most up to date information for a given number.

Response Fields

Name Type Description
IsValie String Whether the number is valid or not (Maybe is returned if full validation couldn't be performed. Cellular network issues can cause temporary failures in the validation procedure). ([Yes|No|Maybe]) 
NetworkName String The name of the current operator serving the supplied number. 
NetworkCountry String The country code of the operator. 
NumberType String The type of number that was detected in the request (MOBILE, LANDLINE OR VOIP).
NationalFormat String The domestic network format (useful for dialling from within the same country).

Key Benefits

Single API for global coverage

Improve customer experience with two-factor authentication (2FA) account security 

Reduce invalid or incomplete registrations

Effectively connect with customers during support and service cases

Key Features

Global coverage

Full validation for Mobile, Landline and VoIP numbers.

Carrier Connectivity

Gain live and contactable mobile numbers through our HLR integration for accurate communication.

Validation 3-Step Process

Thoroughly verify data with our comprehensive initial, carrier, and HLR checks.

Portability & Roaming Information

Stay updated on network switches and track customer location for enhanced security and fraud prevention.

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