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Phone Validation

Our Phone Validation can be used with our simple tag install or via our API for more control - whichever suits you best. However you'd like to use it, you can find answers to your questions here.

Frequently asked questions

Can phone validation be integrated into an application?

Yes, the phone validation service is available through an API, so can be integrated anywhere you need it - on websites, in your apps, epos, CRM and business systems.

Can phone validation check mobile AND landline numbers?

Yes, our phone validation service can check both mobile and landline phone numbers. Check our data coverage page for more details or speak to us if you have specific requirements.

Does phone number validation work internationally?

Yes, our phone validation is an international service with global coverage. Check our data coverage page for more details.

Does phone validation work for business and personal numbers?

Yes, it can check both business and personal phone numbers.

How does phone number validation work, are the numbers checked against a database?

Our phone validation service goes beyond checking the format of a phone number, it does a live ‘ping’ to the number to see if it really exists and can receive calls or texts. Use our online demo to see all the other types of information that are returned in the results. Please note that if the SIM card is not inserted or the phone is not switched on, your call or text messages will still be unanswered even though the number exists.

Get started

Phone Validation is super simple to set up and we've created these step-by-step guides to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.