Loqate, a GBG solution


of fans have purchased merchandise from their favourite team online last year.

 €1.6 billion

Sports ticketing and merchandising industry in Germany set to be worth combined total by 2026.


increase predicted in online sports ticket sales by 2024 from pre-pandemic levels. 

How Loqate can help

Speed up ticket purchases and reduce abandonment

Loqate’s solutions make it easier for customers to enter their details when booking tickets online. This reduces the burden on the customer, allowing customers to get through the checkout quicker along with boosting the accuracy of your customer data.

Reduce failed deliveries

Our better data means that more deliveries make it to customers on time, first time.

Optimise your data

Aggregating data from around the world and multiple sources – such as fan clubs – means it’s vital to cleanse regularly. Optimise your data to get more from your marketing campaigns and comply with regulations.

"Since we integrated Loqate's address verification solution into our online store, we have been able to significantly increase efficiency within our shipping process. Incorrect address data or typing errors on the part of customers, which led to a high manual processing effort on the part of our employees, no longer occur. Loqate is very precise in this regard and validates the address entry for the customer. Thanks to the provider's excellent support, even minor adjustments and individual requests are no longer a problem in implementation."
Dennis Rehmann, Merchandising Manager, Rhein-Neckar Lowen 

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