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Countries and territories with accurate address data


Reduction in address entry time


Happy customers and partners worldwide


Reduction in failed deliveries

Address Verification - Validate Addresses

Improve data quality

Your customers can search and instantly validate their address in your online checkout, improving user experience, reducing cart abandonment rates and ensuring accurate delivery details.

What customers say

Since using Loqate, we have definitely seen a decrease in failed deliveries due to inaccurate address data.

Sebastian Mills,
Head of IT, Gymshark

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USPS Address Verification | Address Verification Service

Accurate global data

Our expertise in address verification ensures accurate customer data at every point, from capture in your web and ePOS forms to cleansing and verifying address data in CRM and Master Data Management systems.

What customers say

We can see categorically that courier deliveries have gone up, and calls and basket abandonment have gone down.

Ross Loughlin,
Head of eCommerce, Reiss

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USPS Address Validation | Loqate

Increased conversions

Our award-winning technology has helped thousands of our customers to improve website usability and reduce cart or form abandonment rates by providing a quicker way to enter address details..

What customers say

Loqate delivers trusted technology, good support and I would recommend them.

Dan Schallenkamp,
Offering Manager - IBM Corporation

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Address Verification | Loqate

Easy integration with global capabilities

Our address verification solution will capture, parse, standardize, verify, cleanse and format address data for 249 countries and territories, all via a single, easy to integrate API.

What customers say

As we’ve grown globally, our address look-up service from Loqate has scaled with us, and we haven’t had to worry about it.

Edd Read,
Co-founder, Graze.com

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Unicode support

Language is no barrier

Full Unicode support allows your customers to use their own native language and character set to search for and enter their address.

Address Verification API advanced results filtering

Advanced results filtering

You can accept or restrict certain record types or addresses based on customer parameters, such as postal code, city, state, or commercial and residential.

How does our address verification tool work?

What if you could make it easier for your customers or staff to enter a valid address, improve the quality of your data and increase conversions? Well, you can with Loqate. Watch our short video to learn more about our address validation API.


Solving the problem of bad address data in one complete solution

Capture any global address

USPS Address Verification | Validate Address Data | Loqate

Address Capture

In as little as three keystrokes, customers can enter their location through single-line address capture on any device or platform. Faster, accurate completion of digital journeys with type-ahead, predictive technology.

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Verify and enhance address data

Address Verification | Validate Address Data | Loqate

Address Verify

The most effective way to update and enhance address data, enabling you to achieve the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

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Address Verification USPS | Validate Address Data | Loqate

One solution

We offer the most comprehensive solution on the market, and we are the only provider to curate our entire database of 249 countries and territories.

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Over 20,000 customers globally...

Ralph Lauren

Global Data Coverage...

Achieving clean international addresses is complex due to the multitude of global address formatting and alignment variations. Across the 249 continuously changing countries and territories, 3,000+ languages, 139 character scripts and over 130 different address formats are used. Loqate's address verification API solves it all for you.

...Even in hard-to-address markets

For a long time, address data has been sparse and hard to come by for many areas of the globe. But with address verification from Loqate, you can reach beyond borders - even in emerging and hard-to-address markets.

We partner with data oranizations worldwide to give you access to granular street and postcode data in places like Chine, Hong Kong, Macau, India, the Far East, Indonesia and Central and South America.

B = buildings; S = Streets; C = Cities; P = Postalcodes

Address Validation Tool and Address Lookup Service

Best-in-class data quality

Loqate's address verification tool combines industry-leading search technology with the best available datasets. Our global data set that sits behind our address validation software is built by effectively aggregating multiple reference data sources, including USPS address data, into a consistent and reliable single-best-record, resulting in the most complete and accurate, validated addresses. To provide full global coverage, Loqate curates official postal authority, mapping, geospatial data sources and other relevant data sets for the pertinent locality. 

Batch Verify Postal Addresses with a Reliable Address Validation API

Loqate helps you verify, validate and standardize addresses for better customer and staff experience. Benefit from quality data that you can leverage in your business. Validating an address has never been easier with our real-time address verification API that enables you to utilize trusted data sources for managing critical business information. 

CASS Address Standardization in Real-Time

Verify postal addresses with CASS address standardization to ensure they follow the United States Postal Service requirements. This ensures accuracy, improves user-experience and helps deliver efficiencies in your business operations.

Our address standardization operates in real-time, giving your team and customers a smooth experience that helps reduce error and the unwanted costs associated with inaccurate data entry. Standardization and verification ensure the successful delivery of parcels and goods. The combination of both helps correct errors and standardize data, before checking it is factually correct and can be verified. CASS standardized addresses also mean benefiting from mailing discounts due to the reliability of the address information.