Loqate, a GBG solution

The best global data 

Accurate global address data at the point of entry, reducing the need to clean it once it’s in your database.

Reduce costs

Increase business efficiency with address lookup by avoiding poor data quality, the cost of missed deliveries and errors in customer on-boarding.

Improve User Experience 

Improve website usability and reduce form abandonment rates by providing a quicker way to enter customer address details.

Address Autocomplete improves user experience and increases conversions

A smooth checkout process is crucial. Address lookup makes capturing a full address faster and more accurate than typing it manually. Getting customers through your checkout or registration process quicker and with less frustration reduces cart abandonment and drop offs. 

Real-time address search

Suggestions to auto-complete the address are immediately provided as soon as the user types a business name, street or Zipcode.

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Instantly international

One single and simple-to-use solution for searching and verifying addresses from over 245 countries and territories. No separate licensing or contracts required.

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User-location detected

Loqate automatically detects which country users are in, finding the nearest matching addresses first. If the address is outside the user's country, the rest of the world is automatically searched for accurate matches. This unique feature allows you to create a single checkout form for all your customers wherever they are in the world.


With thousands of queries processed a minute, our address verification API scales easily on demand. Our up-time is second to none so you can be reassured that our address lookup works all the time, no matter how busy your website or platform might get. 

Compatible across devices

Your customers are multi-device users, so our zip code autocomplete is built to work on any internet enabled device, from computers and tablets to smartphones and EPoS kiosks.

A smarter way to validate addresses

Watch this video to find out more about the features and benefits of Loqate's address autocomplete API.

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