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Address Validation & Address Lookup Service

A quicker, easier way to capture and validate addresses in your online checkouts and forms.

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The best global data 

Accurate global address data at the point of entry, reducing the need to clean it once it’s in your database.

Reduce costs

Increase business efficiency with address verification by avoiding poor data quality, the cost of missed deliveries and errors in customer onboarding.

Improve user experience

Improve website usability and reduce form abandonment rates by providing a quicker way to enter customer address details.

Key features

Our address validation API checks for accuracy just like others out there, but what really makes our software the best in the market is the range of product features we offer, backed by our global coverage and expert support teams.

Realtime search

One single box to reach any street address in the world in as little as 3 keystrokes and as quick as 150 milliseconds. Suggestions to auto-complete the address are immediately provided as soon as the user begins typing. Our search algorithm accounts for (and anticipates) address input nuances per country.

Instantly international

One single and simple-to-use solution for searching and verifying addresses from 249 countries and territories. This allows you to create a single checkout form for all your customers wherever they are in the world. No separate licensing or contracts required.

'Fuzzy' error prevention

Get location search right – even when your customers don’t. Our unique 'fuzzy matching' capability helps companies capture the most accurate address & geolocation information, even when the data entered isn’t perfect.

Address Validation & Address Lookup Service | Loqate
Address Validation & Address Lookup Service | Loqate
Address Validation & Address Lookup Service | Loqate
Address Validation & Address Lookup Service | Loqate
Address Validation & Address Lookup Service | Loqate
  • Spelling mistakes

    If the user is not sure about the spelling of words in an address or accidentally hit the wrong key, our search tool with fuzzy can still understand what the user meant to write. This can be very handy for internal systems too where addresses may be taken over the phone and are not spelled how they sound.

  • Switched letters

    It's really common for people to switch adjacent letters around in words when they type, for example Avenue (Aveneu) and Mian (Main). Our tool detects this switch and still understand what the user was looking for.

  • Missing words and letters

    If the user only knows parts of an address or simply want to identify an address quickly. Loqate's software will find the address even with words and letters missing.

  • Abbreviations or nicknames

    If the user shortens words in an address, using common abbreviations - like Blvd for Boulevard, or use familiar, regional names for suburbs that have since been swallowed up into city districts, the Loqate search technology can still identify the address the user was looking for and returns the full, valid address.

  • Missing or extra spaces

    Sometimes it's not clear whether a street name or place is made of one word or two, maybe it's hyphenated. Our address verification tool works to find the address even when users are unsure of the correct spacing or accidentally add too many spaces between words or letters.

User location detected

Loqate automatically detects the user's location (via IP or device location, if enabled) to assist the scoring and ranking of search results, finding the nearest matching addresses first. If the address is outside the user's country, the rest of the world is automatically searched for accurate matches. This unique feature helps customers receive a precise address match without having to type in their entire address.

Tailored settings

Your Loqate settings can be completely tailored to enable verification for the countries and territories where you have customers. If you expand your businesses internationally, you can change settings without the assistance of a developer.

Quality data

By cross-referencing, combining and cleansing the data from multiple sources within individual countries, we provide our customers with access to the world's most comprehensive and detailed repository of address data.

Compatible across devices

Your customers are multi-device users, so our address verification API is built to work on any internet enabled device, from computers and tablets to smartphones and EPoS kiosks.

Unicode support

Localized experience

Loqate helps you grow your business globally while keeping the experience local. Our full Unicode support allows your customers to use their native language and character set to search for and enter their address.


Advanced results filtering

Accept or restrict certain record types or addresses on custom parameters such as postal code, city, state, or commercial and residential for easy segmentation. You can limit returned addresses to a certain delivery zone or extend delivery surcharges for specific regions.


With thousands of queries processed a minute,  our solution scales easily on demand. Perfect for peak trading periods such as seasonal sales.

The latest data, daily

The most up-to-date and complete address information with options to include enhanced datasets to enhance your data and your customer experience offering. 

Data Cleansing  We are also able to help you improve the quality of data already in your systems. Find out more about Loqate’s data cleansing solution.

We know that address validation has helped to improve the customer journey, which has had a positive impact on conversion rates.

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Nescafé Dolce Gusto
UPU, AZ Direct, Australia Post, USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, TomTom

Best-in-class address validation service

Address validation service from Loqate checks addresses for accuracy against a global portfolio of best-in-class address databases, resulting in complete and accurate deliverable addresses.

To provide global coverage, our address data is sourced from multiple suppliers around the world, including United States Postal Service, Canada Post, Australia Post, the UK’s Royal Mail and a host of other best-in-class and official providers.

Loqate data is updated automatically, as soon as the data is made available from the providers, in some cases daily, to ensure the information you receive is complete and accurate. Included in our data is US Suites and Apartment numbers, we can return a standardized address format with ZIP+4 postal codes.

The most comprehensive premise-level address data for mainland China

A smarter way to validate addresses

Watch this video to find out more about the features and benefits of Loqate's address validation solutions.

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Fast and easy integrations

We provide an ever-increasing range of pre-built integrations for popular ecommerce platforms meaning you can plug in and verify addresses on your website within minutes.

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