Address Verify

Address Verification

Global Address Verification

Verifies, corrects and enriches address data to the highest level of precision and confidence, globally and at scale. 


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Our Verify engine will parse, match, format, transliterate and enrich partial and complete address records into valid and verified addresses. 

  • Coverage for 250 countries and territories
  • CASS, SERP and AMAS postal certifications
  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding

AI parsing technology

The superior capability of our AI parsing engine to identify location elements and remove noise in the input data significantly improves address match rates and uplift precision in existing as well as hard-to-address markets.

  • On average 7% better match rate and uplift globally
  • Up to 19% better match rate and uplift in developing countries
  • On average 8% better match rate and uplift in established markets 


Flexible and highly performant API

Our Verify API is architected to run on any application and scale to meet global needs, delivering cloud-native, low-code, platform agnostic and horizontally scalable options perfect for larger-scale Big Data deployments. .  

  • Public cloud, private cloud and on-premises deployments 
  • Flexible containerized deployment via Helm charts on Kubernetes or containerized based on-premises environments 
  • Platform agnostic; horizontal scaling; Perfect for Big Data large-scale deployments 
We have you covered
We have you covered

Our address verification solution will verify, correct and enrich addresses for 250 countries and territories, all via a single API.

Format to certify and save
Format to certify and save

Our Verify engine will perform certified data processing for postal authority-approved address verification in the U.S., Canada and Australia, returning addresses formats that are CASS, AMAS and SERP certified.

Local precision, globally
Local precision, globally

We combine the most curated premise-level address data with the most sophisticated parsing and matching technology in the world, resulting in verified addresses to the most precise local formats.

Set acceptance and risk thresholds
Set acceptance and risk thresholds

Our Address Verification Codes provide information about the completeness of each input record, the level of verification and enrichment that could be achieved, and the amount of change that was needed to reach that level of verification.

Unrivalled match rates and uplift
Unrivalled match rates and uplift

Our AI parsing engine delivers unrivalled address match rates and uplift capability in established as well as hard-to-address markets where input data is ambiguous or incomplete.

Enhanced accuracy
Enhanced accuracy

Our geocoding gives you the capability to append latitude and longitude coordinates to verified addresses, further enhancing the precision and value to any geospatially-aware application.

Speedy integration

Verify integrates seamlessly and quickly into any global system.


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const url = "|52509479";
fetch(url, {
    method: 'POST',
    headers: {
        'Content-type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => {
    if (data.Items && data.Items.length > 0 && typeof(data.Items[0].Error) === "undefined") {
        // Your address results e.g. console.log(data.Items[0].Line1);
.catch(error => console.error('Error fetching data:', error));


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